Emolium cream - features of the drug

Emolium cream is a dermatological agent that provides special daily care for very dry and sensitive skin of adults and children, including infants. The drug is produced by the Polish pharmaceutical company Sanofi-Aventis and is sold through pharmacies. How the cream works, and how to apply it, we will consider further.

Emolium - composition

The ruler of creams Emolium has several varieties, differing in composition and purpose:

In addition, under this name, preparations are made in the form of emulsions, cream bath gels, shampoo. All these tools refer to emollients - powerful moisturizers for skin tissues that provide enrichment of the epidermis and dermis with moisture, prevent loss of moisture and eliminate unpleasant symptoms associated with overdrying of the skin, the emergence of various inflammatory processes. Emollients are the basis for caring for the atopic skin, which becomes so under the influence of allergic reactions in the body.

To meet the needs and solve the problems of such skin in Emolium cream contains the following main active ingredients:

  1. Karite oil has excellent softening, calming, nutritional and regenerative properties, contributes to the normalization of metabolic processes in the skin layers and the restoration of capillary circulation.
  2. Triglycerides of caprylic and capric acids - fatty acids, capable of replenishing the lipid deficiency in the intercellular matrix, restrain moisture loss and protect against the aggressive external influence of environmental factors.
  3. Macadamia oil - promotes the enrichment of tissues with unsaturated fatty acids and phospholipids, eliminates irritation, increases the elasticity of the epidermis.
  4. Urea is a compound that provides effective mitigation of the epidermis, removes inflammation, disinfects the skin, normalizes the processes of keratinization, and also serves as a conductor of useful substances in the deep layers of the skin (including water).
  5. Sodium hyaluronate is a well-known effective moisturizer of skin tissues, which provides long-term retention of water and positively influences the processes of elastin and collagen production.
  6. Paraffin oil - in addition to softening, moisturizing and smoothing the epidermal layers, helps to counteract harmful environmental factors by creating a thin protective film on the surface of the skin.

Special cream has a more extensive composition of active substances, and, in addition to those listed in the base cream, contains:

  1. Triglycerides of corn oil - improve the water-lipid properties of the skin, help it to suppress the occurrence of inflammatory reactions, increase elasticity and elasticity, relieve itching.
  2. The unique compound Arlasilk Phospholipid GLA , which is of vegetable origin, serves as the source of the most important "building material" for skin tissues (gamma-linolenic acid), helps to increase the immunological resistance of the skin, keep the liquid in its layers, and eliminate irritations.

In the list of the main substances of the tri-active cream, which has the most powerful effect on skin tissue, you can find the following compounds:

In addition, as part of the funds there are such additional ingredients:

Emolium - indications for use

Base series Emolium is recommended for use every day for adults and children from birth in the presence of such problems as dryness, hypersensitivity and irritability of skin tissues. Means allow to maintain a normal state of the epidermis, provide moisture and protection. This cream can be used in periods of subthreshold of acute manifestations of chronic skin diseases:

Emolium special cream is intended for use by adults and children with very dry, irritated, crackling skin, in areas with excessive cornification. It is used both for everyday care, and in the period of exacerbation of dermatological pathologies. In addition, the rational use of this cream for skin lesions under the influence of adverse environmental conditions (ultraviolet radiation, wind, low temperatures). The drug may be recommended as an emollient if necessary treatment with medicines that dry the skin.

Triactive cream serves for softening, deep moisturizing, disinfection and healing of skin lesions in chronic dermatological diseases. It is prescribed for intensive inflammatory processes, itching, soreness. Due to the fact that the drug is compatible with hormonal drugs, their use in joint application can be significantly reduced.

Emolium cream for newborns

Due to the peculiarities of the skin tissues of infants whose sebaceous glands begin to function only 1-2 weeks after birth, their skin is poorly protected, vulnerable, prone to dryness and peeling. In addition, often at this age, the toddlers manifest allergic reactions in response to the effects of food, contact and other irritants. Therefore, infant skin requires careful attention and special care. Emolium cream for newborns from allergies, irritations, dryness, which is safe for children and provides full-fledged care.

Emolium for the body

It is recommended Emolium for dry skin of the whole body, because this problem can lead to different dermatological diseases, since dryness indicates a violation of barrier functions. Such skin needs daily care, which helps to restore the normal level of hydration, "patch" the holes in the lipid layer, make the skin smooth and attractive in appearance. If you want to apply the moisturizer to the entire surface of the skin, you can use not emulsion cream, but emulsion Emolium, which is consumed more sparingly.

Emollient for the face

Emolium special, tri-active and basic are used for face care, and their use is equally useful for dry, and for oily and normal skin. The drug provides proper supply of moisture, its retention in tissues, and nourishes, saturates various elements useful for the health and beauty of the skin at the expense of the content of natural components. Especially recommended is Emolium cream with increased sensitivity of the epidermis.

Emolium - contraindications

Given that the drug does not contain chemical dyes in its composition, parabens, preservatives, it is not hormonal, Emolium is an allergy cream, which has virtually no contraindications. The only case when the use of the means should be abandoned is an individual reaction to one or other of its components. Therefore, before starting the application, it is recommended to test the emulsion with a tri-active, basic or special one.

Emolium cream - application

Emolium, the use of which does not require special preparation, except for cleaning the surface of the skin, is best used after water procedures. The agent is applied to the dried skin with a thin layer, slightly rubbed with massaging movements. It is advisable to use the cream at least twice a day, which will guarantee the best results.

Emolium in atopic dermatitis

If Emolium from atopic dermatitis is used in parallel with local hormone-containing drugs, then you should adhere to this rule: the cream is applied no earlier than half an hour after using the steroid medication in a volume that is ten times the volume of the hormone preparation. The cream is also used for exacerbation of the disease, and for improving the condition of the skin.

Emollium from seborrheic crusts

The appearance of crusts on the head is typical for all babies and should not cause concern to parents. They arise due to temporary hyperfunction of the sebaceous glands, while not causing any inconvenience to the baby and without hindering hair growth. Many pediatricians are advised not to touch the crusts at all, because they will go off after some time on their own.

Many mummies prefer to comb out these unsightly elements. Help in this is able to Emolium for newborns, which helps soften the crusts and their easy elimination. Apply the product every day several times, from time to time combing the crusts with a scallop with sharp teeth. Periodically, you can use Emolium shampoo for cleansing the scalp.

Emolium from diaper rash

Emolium cream for children serves as an excellent preventive and curative remedy for diaper rash (diaper dermatitis). To avoid this trouble, the cream from the basic series should be applied to the skin of the inguinal area after each diaper change and hygienic procedures. Triac and special creams are recommended for already existing lesions of tissues. It is worth noting that with intertrigo in adults, this product is also effective.

Emolium from eczema

A noticeable therapeutic effect is provided by Emolium for the skin with eczema . Cream (special or tri-active) should be rubbed into the affected areas after cleansing the skin two to three times a day, while always applying the product at night. In addition, you should apply a daily cream from the base series to apply to the skin of the entire body for preventive purposes.

Emolium from stretch marks

It finds the use of Emolium cream for pregnant women, which helps to increase the elasticity of skin tissues, thereby preventing the appearance of stretch marks. The cream promotes the activation of the production of collagen fibers and elastin, strengthening the tissues and making their extensibility not so traumatic. To increase effectiveness, the cream should be used in parallel with other methods to control the striae (peeling, contrast shower, wraps and others).

Emulsion from wrinkles

Many women who apply Emolium for dry skin of the face, note that with its regular application, wrinkles are smoothed, the skin looks more taut and young. Indeed, the drug can be used as a remedy for wrinkles, for which it is required to rub on the massage lines on the skin of the entire face (including around the eyes and in the perioral region).

Emolium - analogues

The only drawback of the drug in question can be called its relatively high cost, so many people are wondering whether Emolium analogs are cheap. The most affordable cream substitute is an ordinary olive oil, perfectly moisturizing and nourishing skin tissue. From medical and cosmetology preparations

Emolium cream analogs has the following: