Curling eyelashes - 7 ways for a fascinating look

A fascinating female look fascinates men, so the curling of the eyelashes is so popular among the fair sex. Thanks to the latest technology, you can achieve such a charming image. Professionally this procedure will be performed in the beauty salon, however, if desired, it can be done at home.

Is it harmful to curl your eyelashes?

If the procedure is carried out under the supervision of an experienced master, the risk that it will have negative consequences is minimal. Biochemical and manipulation using a chemical is safe. The problem can arise only in the case when there is an allergic reaction to one of the components of the used cosmetic product. In addition, it is harmful if the eyelashes are curled daily with thermal tweezers. From this, the hairs will become brittle.

Curling eyelashes in the cabin

The masters working here are professionals in their field. They will appreciate the condition of the eyelashes and, having carefully listened to the wishes of the woman, will advise the optimal version of the wave for her. In addition, the master when choosing a method will take into account its contraindications. To curl the eyelashes in the salon, you can use one of these methods:

Permalink of eyelashes

This method is very popular, because it gives a lasting result. The effect lasts up to 30 days, and if desired, the procedure can be repeated after 2-3 months. To perform such an "operation" you will need a special kit for curling eyelashes. The procedure is the following:

  1. Hairs are decontaminated and wound on special rollers (outwardly they resemble hair curlers).
  2. The same curl of eyelashes is carried out with the help of a special gel.
  3. After 25 minutes, this drug is neutralized, and then the result is fixed by a special composition.

Biochemical curling of eyelashes

This method is considered more sparing. It is recommended for use by those with an allergic reaction to a chemical. Carving eyelashes gives an amazing result. To enjoy the effect of the wave for a long time, the first day you need to remember about these limitations:

Curative eyelash curler

This procedure allows you to achieve a remarkable result. To curl eyelashes this method is possible, even if the hairs are thin, short and rare. The effect lasts up to three months. Curled eyelashes grow better and faster. The technology of this procedure is as follows:

  1. Curling of short thin eyelashes is carried out after their cleaning and degreasing.
  2. On the eyelids, a nourishing cream is applied.
  3. Eyelashes are applied to a silicone roller.
  4. The hairs are covered with a special gel.
  5. Over the keratin drug is applied.

Electric wave for eyelashes

For this procedure, professional devices are used, although there are also household appliances on sale that are easily used at home. The device for curling eyelashes works on the principle of a curling iron. During the procedure, it is important that the master correctly calculates the period of thermal exposure. Otherwise, you can burn the hairs and make them brittle. Professional curling irons for eyelashes are equipped with a brush. Thanks to this, a triple effect is achieved:

Curling eyelashes at home

To look luxurious, it is not necessary to go to an expensive beauty salon. You can make eyelashes at home. However, for the procedure to pass without unexpected surprises and the result did not disappoint, you must adhere to the following rules:

  1. Before using a particular drug, you need to undergo a small test, which will help to identify the presence of an allergic reaction (if any).
  2. 15 minutes before the procedure, you need to apply a nutrient to the eyelid area. For this, cream or oil (castor, burdock or other) can be used.
  3. Before buying the drug, you need to carefully inspect the packaging, look at the date to make sure that it is not expired. The device is instructed on how to use curling irons for eyelashes.
  4. Work with drugs should be carefully. Do not get the gel or other used product into the eyes. If this does happen, you should wash with plenty of clean, warm water.
  5. If itching, burning or other uncomfortable condition occurs, it is necessary to immediately stop the procedure and contact the ophthalmologist.

How to curl eyelashes with forceps?

This technology has significant advantages:

The shortcomings of this method are shortcomings in the result achieved. The graceful form lasts not for long. The procedure itself at home is performed as follows:

  1. Curling eyelashes before or after applying mascara - it's not a matter of choice. Before the procedure, you must do make-up remover. To remove the remnants of the cosmetic and sebum, it is better to use a water based cleansing product.
  2. At the edge of the nozzle, the tongs should be spread thinly with glue.
  3. Tightly press the device to the line of eyelash growth. It is important to follow the safety rules to prevent damage to the delicate skin of the eyelids.
  4. If rollers are used during the procedure, they must be glued to the corners of the eyes with a flat part.
  5. It is necessary to be convinced that forceps for a wave of eyelashes densely adjoin to eyelids.
  6. Using a wooden applicator, the hairs are turned upwards. It is important to make sure that the eyelashes do not stick together.
  7. A cotton swab is applied to the hair with a softener. Do this carefully, so as not to accidentally fall into your eyes.
  8. Using tweezers cover the lower eyelids with petroleum jelly. At this point, the eyes should be kept closed.
  9. A fixator is applied to the nozzle and the hairs are treated with the device for 15 minutes.
  10. Using a clean cotton pad, remove the residues of the fixer.
  11. Cilia cover with vegetable oil.
  12. Spread the neutralizer evenly and leave it for 10 minutes.
  13. Remove the cleaner and dries the hairs.

How to curl eyelashes with a spoon?

You can buy a charming look without the newfangled instruments. This is where the cutlery comes in. Here's how to curl eyelashes with a spoon:

  1. It is necessary to choose the right size of the cutlery. The spoon should be slightly larger than the eye.
  2. Place the cutlery in hot water, and after it dry wipe it with a paper towel.
  3. The spoon is placed horizontally and pressed gently to the eyelid. Its edge should be adjacent to the upper line of eyelash growth. The recommended time of exposure of warm metal to the hairs is 30 seconds.
  4. Check the result. If necessary, repeat the procedure.
  5. The same manipulations are carried out on the second eye, once again warming up the spoon.
  6. Apply mascara to the hair to preserve their bending.
  7. While the decorative tool is not frozen, neatly comb the eyelashes. In doing so, you need to try to ensure that the bend is not lost.