Signs of damage to the death of a woman

Unfortunately, there are people who do not see anything wrong with using magic to harm another person. Therefore, to know what signs say about the damage to death, and what consequences to wait after the conduct of such a rite, it is worth all.

How to learn about the damage to death, and what signs will help identify the culprit?

In order to determine whether the rite has been performed to death, pay attention to what has changed in recent times in your life. If a girl pursues a failure, everything seems to fall from her hands, and the mood is worse every day, perhaps she was a victim of magic. More accurately determine whether there is damage to the death of a woman will help the following symptoms:

  1. The appearance of problems with sleep. If earlier you fell asleep well, and you saw only happy and happy dreams, now you suffer from insomnia or nightmares.
  2. The emergence of symptoms of disease. Very often in this situation, people turn to doctors, but they can not diagnose, and a woman feels worse and worse every day. By the way, often a sign of damage to death is the failure of the menstrual cycle, menstrual cycles, or come earlier, or, conversely, later. During them, the girl suffers from pain.
  3. Feeling anxious , as if you are trapped in danger. Such feelings are not accidental, if you are constantly tormented by what you think that you are in danger, perhaps you are a victim of magic.
  4. Any business that you start ends in disaster, even if it's about cooking dinner.

These are the main factors indicative of spoiling. To identify the culprit will help other signs:

  1. When a certain person appears in the house, your pet starts to get nervous and behave aggressively.
  2. Indoor flowers wither if you visit a culprit.
  3. The dishes are sour and spoiled if you treat them to the culprit of your misfortune.