How to clean the mold in the bathroom with sealant?

Mold in the bathroom is a spoiled appearance of the room, an unpleasant smell and, at least, allergic manifestations in all residents. Increased humidity makes the room a favorite place for growth and reproduction of the fungus. Mold in the bathroom can appear anywhere, including on the sealant, which is used for waterproofing . Its appearance is easier to prevent, since in some cases the fight with the fungus for the hosts ends with a complete replacement of the protective agent.

How to remove mold from silicone sealant?

Methods of destroying plaque depend on the degree of damage to the material. Trying to stop the superficial growth on the sealant can be one of the popular methods:

  1. To treat the sealant with any chemical agent with antifungal effect, which are sold in the trade network. And the effect of the drug should be directed to the destruction of the fungus, rather than its prevention.
  2. Many positive responses have chlorine-containing substances, which are diluted 1: 1 with water and sprayed over the surface followed by rinsing. The disadvantage of this method is the yellowing of the treated area.
  3. Sometimes it is possible to remove the mold in the shower on the sealant with preparations that are available in the home medicine cabinet or in the kitchen, such as hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, boric acid, vinegar, soda and others.

How to remove the mold in the bathroom on the sealant with a deep defeat?

The only effective method of struggle in this case is to replace the waterproofing layer. To do this, remove the old sealant with sharp objects or a special tool. Then the affected areas are burned with a blowtorch or include a bactericidal effect that affects the entire room. Apply new sealant can only after removing the remnants of the old, preventive treatment and drying the work surface.

Prevent the appearance of mold is possible if you buy special sanitary sealants of proven firms that can maintain antifungal properties for a long time.