Crunch in the joints

Crunch in the joints is a very common problem. In some people it begins as a result of sports, others - from early childhood, and from third - from adolescence. What causes and how to deal with it?

Strong crunch in joints: causes

Crunch in joints in children, adolescents and adults can be caused by a variety of reasons. The most common are the following:

Often in a few years, after you hear the first crunch in the joints, there can be a deterioration - and this will already be such serious diseases as arthritis or arthrosis.

Crunch in joints: treatment from official medicine

Unfortunately, how to treat only the crunch in the joints, the official medicine has not found a way yet. But if you are worried about the pain and crunch in the joints, the hospital should still be contacted. Depending on the severity of your disease, you will be offered two ways of treatment:

  1. Treatment with medicines . If you have arthritis, and even with inflammation, you will be prescribed special non-steroid means. If the case is particularly difficult, you will need to drink hormonal drugs. In addition, a rather expensive treatment with chondroprotectors may be necessary. However, this does not always help either, since sometimes the crunch in the joints can not be removed in this way.
  2. Operative intervention . When the crunch in the shoulder or other joint moves to the second place after the pain, and the problem is greatly aggravated, surgery can help you. In its course, your broken joint will be replaced. Most often this operation is required for the knees or hip joints. Of course, this is expensive and entails many new problems.

That is why, so far the crunch in the joints means only emerging problems, it is important to immediately take a course of measures that will help prevent such unpleasant procedures.

Crunch in the joints: what to do?

Currently, the most recognized method is a simple method, such as regular yoga. Yoga is a complex of exercises, during which muscles and connective tissues effectively stretch and restore health. However, as already mentioned above, such classes will help only those who have not yet a very neglected stage. Attend classes or practice at home should be at least 2-3 times a week, and after 2-4 weeks you will notice that your joints feel much better.

Crunch in the joints: diet

Crunching joints requires treatment, and diet is one way to restore health to them. So, its main principles:

  1. Provide sufficient fluid for optimum kidney function. To do this, you need to drink plain clean water, with at least 6-8 glasses a day. Important is not at once drink a glass, and drink half a glass at different times - before eating, one hour after eating, just for the day.
  2. Eat jelly, jelly and similar foods.
  3. Unload the liver: give up alcohol (you can take 1 glass of dry wine a week), give up fatty, spicy food. Then the liver can synthesize collagen and restore joints.

Adhering to a healthy diet and doing yoga, you are much more likely to maintain health than if you are idle. Start now, do not wait for complications!