Costa Dorada: hotels

In sunny Spain there is the Gold Coast, which got its name from the beaches full of golden sand. In the local dialect Gold Coast sounds like Costa Dorada. The Costa Dorada is located south of Barcelona and stretches for miles, sparkling with gold in the bright sun.

Every year, a lot of people come here, so in the Costa Dorada hotels can not be considered. According to some sources, there are exactly 365 of them in this region of Spain. One for each day of the year, and one more.

Getting acquainted with hotels is best with the so-called tourist capital of Costa Dorada - the hotel of Salou.

A typical Salou hotel is a 3 or 4 star hotel with access to several beaches, with easy access to all the amenities of the capital. But in any hotel there can be their "nuances", which you need to figure out beforehand, looking through the reviews.

Hotel Playa Park

The hotel has three stars, according to the reviews of tourists well deserved. Near the hotel there are three beaches, all within walking distance. But the central embankment will have to go 15-20 minutes. The rooms overlooking the small swimming pool are not very comfortable to live in: there is a constant noise from the kitchen, the arrival of cars with food, etc. It is better to choose rooms overlooking the large pool, then silence and calmness during sleep are guaranteed.

In general, vacation in Costa Dorada, not only in Salou, usually passes under the sign of three or four stars. Hotels with one star here, too, but they are much smaller.

Three stars

It is difficult to name the most popular 3-star hotels of Costa Dorada. Firstly, we would have to choose at least ten of at least 120. Secondly, tourists in Spain are generally treated well, so the whole choice consists solely of preferences in the location of the hotel and food options.

The Cambrils Playa Hotel is a typical three star hotel located a short distance from the city.

Located near the beach, in the middle of a quiet pine grove, between Cambrils and Salou. For hotel guests there is a free bus ride to the cities of Salou and Cambrils and back. Quiet hotel, very quiet, without fuss. In Spain, in general, a kind of urban "fuss", which among the inhabitants of Russia is associated with a lazy sybaritic way of life. And in hotels located slightly further from the cities, and may want to go crazy with boredom, if the purpose of the trip is not reclining on the beach.

Four stars

Many tourists after trips to Turkey experience a small shock from the hotels of Costa Dorada with 4 stars. In the reviews usually express dissatisfaction with the compactness of the rooms, close proximity to other buildings, one pool instead of the usual three, as in the hotels of Turkey, etc.

I must say that indeed the hotels of Costa Dorada have a feature that can be attributed to the national - compactness. Spain - the country is generally quite compact. City hotels will be beautifully shot in the photo, from profitable angles, the rooms will seem large, and next to the buildings there will be no noticeable cars or other buildings. But tourists need to be prepared for the fact that the reality will be a little less and sometimes will be closely adjacent to other buildings, that in the same Turkey for 4 stars is generally nonsense.

Best Cambrils Hotel (ex.Cambrils Princess)

It is located on the main street of Cambrils.

Despite the fact that the hotel is assigned 4 stars, some of its rooms like tourists less than a hotel with three stars. It's about hotels overlooking the railway, located behind the building.

Hotel Blaumar

This hotel has club suite rooms, located on the top floor, with an exclusive view of Salou. Guests of these rooms are guaranteed a personal approach, in the room equipped kitchen, living room, bedroom, large terrace, sun loungers on the terrace. But even visitors to these numbers may be unhappy with their "compactness".