Coffee tables with glass top

The classic type of coffee table is furniture made of wood, with carved, stone or forged decor. But modern designers are increasingly giving preference to new interesting novelties, in which the basis of the table top is a glass cloth. If earlier similar products were scattered on slices from the slightest blow, now this material has become much stronger. Not surprisingly, now glass tables can be found not only in the living room or the women's room, but also in the kitchens, where it is especially likely to damage the delicate surface. Consider the advantages of this excellent furniture, as well as options for its use in the interior of the apartment.

Advantages of a table with a glass table top

Coffee tables with a shiny glass top can withstand decent loads, a plate or a bottle of wine, accidentally slipped out of hands, practically do not cause them harm. You only need to look at the purchase, so that its thickness is not less than 8 mm. Then even a heavy adult can not be afraid to lean on or climb up to this airy and very fragile-looking furniture. The glass itself should be exceptionally hardened and shockproof, with smooth safety edges.

Coffee tables with a glass top are completely not afraid of ultraviolet, they can be safely used, both near the large window in the living room, and in the open sun. The dampness of this countertop does not hurt, so even on the veranda or under an open canopy, it will last for years. You can safely wash this furniture with any medications, a smooth surface will not suffer from household chemicals in any concentration.

Design of glass coffee tables

Manufacturers of this type of furniture have long ago departed from some established standards. Of course, the most common are wooden or forged coffee tables with glass rectangular or round table tops. But many models have such bizarre outlines that they will be more likely to be taken to decor items than to a functional piece of furniture. The simple geometric form already surprises no one, therefore inventors search for not yet opened by anybody raisins. If the owners of the house prefer a classic interior, they will need to look for a round or square coffee table with a glass top, where a metal or wooden base is made in a traditional style. But if there are no limitations, then you can use the most incredible ideas and discoveries.

For example, there were samples with a spiral shaped countertop, or elegant furniture, reminiscent of an open flower. There are tables in the form of a pyramid, equipped with colored lighting, and quite comfortable portable items of cubic shape. Very surprised all Thai engineers who came up with a table with a transparent top, under which a real living moss grows. This vegetation from above reminds an exotic landscape, which you seem to be looking at from a bird's eye view. In this case, the table top is the backdrop for the living exotic, which was placed under the designers. Similarly, designers come in to create fanciful glass tables-aquariums.

Initially, coffee tables with a glass top were invented for viewing newspapers or tea in the living room. Also, they are often used in a variety of public places for the convenience of visitors, who are forced to sit in a queue for a long time. But at home this furniture performs more decorative functions. Glass has excellent properties to look great even in the most difficult situation, which our designers use successfully.