Cockerel on the Christmas tree crochet

The coming 2017 on the eastern horoscope is the year of the Cock , fiery, bright, active and at the same time very home. And of course, this year on the Christmas tree must be present New Year's toy - cockerel. Of course, it's easier to buy it, but if you make a toy yourself, no doubt, happiness and prosperity will come to the house.

Crochet crochet on the Christmas tree

For work we need:


Knit details we will follow the pattern:

Amigurumi rooster on the Christmas tree - crochet:

We knit a trunk


  1. 1 row. We take the violet thread, in the sliding loop and knit ten RLS. (10 loops)
  2. 2 row. We knit all OL. (20 items).
  3. 3 row. We alternate PR, SBN (30 points).
  4. 4 - 12 row. All RLS (we knit to the middle of the egg from the kinder surprise) (30 p.).


  1. Take the yellow thread and knit, as well as the lower body, repeating the ranks from the first to the twelfth, the thread does not break off.
  2. Dressing both parts of the body on the egg kinder surprise, we connect them with a yellow thread RLS.
  3. We knit the collar at the junction. We alternate the entire series of RLS, in the next loop seven RLS.


  1. With a yellow thread we knit 10 VP, beginning with the second loop we knit 9 SCN, 3 SCN in one loop and on the second side of the chain we sew another 7 SPN.
  2. We send 1 VP and in the opposite direction we knit 7 RLS, in the middle of the wing we knit 2 RLS, 3 VP, 2 SBN, and even 7 RLSs are tied down.
  3. We knit 1 VP, unfold and go up along the winglet knit 9 RLS, in the chain we are tying 2 RLS, 3 AP, 2 RLS, and we knit 7 RLS down.
  4. Corrugate 1 stp, unfold and up knit 7 RLS, in a chain - 2 sc, 3 cp, 2 sc, down we tie 9 RLS, the thread is cut off.
  5. Similarly we knit the second wing.

We knit the legs

We select a red thread from 10 VP, starting with the second knitting 5 SBN (this is a finger), then 5 VP, starting with the second loop we knit 8 RVS (second finger), in the last VP we sew 2 RNS, then we turn and knit 4 RLS, 5 VP, missing a loop knit 4 RLS, SS. Similarly, we knit the second foot.


The beak consists of two magnificent columns. We take a purple thread and knit 7 RLS, in the first knotted loop we knit 6 unfinished SS2N (leaving two hinges not hooked from each column on the hook), we connect all loops on the hook and knit another 7 VP, SS. In the first loop we sew a similar magnificent column.


Take the red thread and knit 8 VP, in the fourth loop, dial 5 CCN, 3 VP, SS also in the fourth loop, 5 SSN in the fifth loop, SS in the first loop, tighten the thread and cut off.


  1. 1 row. Red thread 6 VP, SS - it turned out a ring.
  2. 2 row. Next, we knit 2 CG and in the ring 29 CER.
  3. 3 row. We dial 2 VP, 5 SSN, 2 VP, SS, repeat five more times.
  4. 4 row. The resulting circle is folded in half and tying the top, connecting the two halves of the RLS.


  1. The first feather is red.
  2. We dial 21 VP, then 15 SSN, in the remaining five loops we knit 3 SNS.
  3. The second feather is purple.
  4. We dial 18 VP, then 12 SSN, in the remaining five loops we knit 3 SNS
  5. The third feather is yellow.
  6. We recruit 16 VP, then 10 SSN, in the remaining five loops we knit 3 CLS
  7. The fourth feather is red.
  8. We recruit 13 VPs, then 7 SSNs, in the remaining five loops we knit 3 SNS
  9. We sew the feathers together or we sew the RLS at the base. Crochet crochet on the Christmas tree is over. It remains to collect the details in a single composition.

Gathering the details

The resulting parts are sewn to the trunk. Glue (sew) the eyes. We make an eyelet so that the toy can be hung on the Christmas tree.

If you wish your friends and family happiness and luck next year, for their attraction, bundle such a bright and beautiful cockerel as a gift.