Children of Jackie Chan

One of the most famous Asian actors, Jackie Chan, with his extraordinary talent, expressed comedy gift, and also the magnificent mastery of martial arts, was able to win the incredible popularity of numerous fans around the world.

The children of the star inherited from the father a bright appearance and expressive creative abilities, thanks to which after a while they can also become famous.

How many children does Jackie Chan have?

The family of Jackie Chan and his wife could not get a lot of children - the couple has only one son who was born on December 3, 1982. It is noteworthy that the boy was born the next day after Jackie and his lover Joan Lin officially married.

At birth, Jackie Chan's son received the Chinese name Fan Zu Ming, whose American version sounds like Jaycee Chan. He spent all his childhood and adolescence in the USA, at a great distance from his famous father. Jackie Chan was completely immersed in the work, and to his wife and son came only on holidays.

In addition, the famous actor for a long time hid his status of a married man and the presence of his child. Jackie Chan feared that the publication of these facts will push his countless fans to commit rash acts, but still in 1998 he decided to introduce his family to the public.

From that moment, Jaycee Chan became much more likely to communicate with his father, however, they could not find a common language for a long time. The famous actor did not understand his offspring and his attitude to life, and also believed that he was very lazy.

Since 2003, Jaycee Chan decided to conquer the Asian show business on his own. At first he released a music album with his own songs, sales of which were completely out of whack. In 2004, he decided to try himself in the movie, however, and here the novice actor was waiting for failure.

Meanwhile, in 2005, Jaycee Chan played the role of a teenager who left home for an independent life along with his pregnant lover in the film 2 Young. The work of the young man in this film received very high ratings of film critics and brought him noticeable success. After that, Jayce's career went uphill - he receives a variety of filming proposals every year and often gets major roles. The young man does not abandon his passion for music. After a while, he plans to return to his musical career and release a second solo album.

Although officially in the family of Jackie Chan there are no other children, in 1999 in his biography there was a major scandal, connected with the birth of a celebrity illegitimate child. During filming in the movie "Magnificent" actor met with 26-year-old Elaine Wu Qili, who became pregnant with him and nine months later gave birth to her daughter Etta.

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Jackie Chan for a long time categorically did not recognize the child and in every possible way denied his paternity. After the birth of the little girl, he stated that he no longer intended to discuss this topic with anybody and was ready to assume all responsibility for the girl if it was proved that she was his own daughter. To this day, the star shows no interest in Etta and avoids any discussion of the girl and her mother.