Interior of the living room in a modern style

The interior of the living room in a modern style gives a real opportunity to recreate the grandeur and the atmosphere of a bygone era, the elements of which remain relevant to this day. A room designed in this direction will become an official and elegant business card of the whole house. The greatest importance is attached to furniture, which simply must be antique. Finishing and textiles use exclusively natural materials, the presence of interior objects with a touch of luxury and antiquity is welcomed.

Modern classics in the interior of the living room

In order to refresh the obsolescent fashion somewhat, the designers of our time have decided to add modern features to the classical design. To do this, as it turned out, is rather difficult, because it is necessary to constantly monitor the balance of these two different styles. Furniture in the living room in a modern style must be combined with the walls. It can be brown or beige , made of wood and have metal elements. A great impression can be made by properly positioned large mirrors that will make the room more spacious and lighter.

In the design of the modern design of the living room, which has a western slope, it is customary to use elite and expensive furniture, carved and painted decorative elements. Also a sign of classicism is a chandelier hanging from the ceiling and decorated with a molded rosette.

As for the color scheme of the walls, it should be as light as possible. This will help bring a sense of spaciousness, elegance and openness to the room. An important role is played by gilding on interior or finish items, which will add a touch of prosperity, luxury and stability. The wallpaper will be an excellent alternative for those who do not want to paint the walls. You can use wallpaper with a classic version of the picture, oriental or plant motifs.

Modern design living room with fireplace

The living room, made in a classical style, will not be complete without a fireplace. However, not every apartment or house is "ready" for such a design. The abundance of modern modifications of fireplaces made it possible to install them in the premises of any destination. They can be electric, gas, wood or coal, made of stone, brick, art forging, drywall and other materials. In any case, the presence of a fireplace in the living room, decorated in the style of modern classics, is absolutely necessary. He brings to the atmosphere of the room an incredible feeling of coziness, warmth and bliss.

Modern classics in living room furniture

This solution for decorating the living room provides for the installation of items of furniture of exceptionally high quality. The ideal option is to make custom-made furniture in accordance with the designer's idea and interior features, but you can also choose suitable suites from among the available assortment. It is recommended only wooden furnishings, and if the style allows, then it can be supplemented with carving, brass, bronze or enamel plates. Artistic forging is allowed.

If we talk about upholstered furniture in living rooms in a modern classic style, it is appropriate to install a leather sofa or corner, tightened in leather or textiles, the color of which should be slightly darker than the shade of the walls.

Kitchen-living room in a modern style

The principles of modern classics for the living room we have already considered, and what to do with the kitchen that was connected with it? Everything is simple: it is enough to install a wooden kitchen set with a set of shelves, cabinets and a comfortable wide working surface, to hide all the new-fashioned household appliances, putting on display beautiful dishes and expensive classical tiles. The minimum of textiles, glass or crystal chandelier, quiet and muted colors in the decoration - these are the basic requirements for the kitchen-living room in the style of modern classics.