Cagno Negro

In Spanish, the name Costa Rica sounds like a "rich coast". Indeed, the beaches of this amazing country are considered one of the best and most environmentally friendly in the whole world. However, the true miracle of Costa Rica is the national parks scattered throughout the Republic. We will describe one of them further.

Flora and fauna of Cagno Negro

To begin with, it should be noted that the area of ​​the reserve is quite large (almost 10 thousand hectares). In this area, in an amazing way, almost all species of birds and animals inhabiting America are located. The fact is that the park itself is located at the intersection of all the "routes" of migratory birds. Thanks to this feature, today we have the opportunity to get to know the flora and fauna of Cagno Negro.

As for the birds, in the park you can meet white ibises, forest storks, green storks, pelicans, etc. Altogether there are up to 200 species. Among the most famous representatives of the animal world, separate attention is deserved by tapirs, jaguars, crocodiles, capuchins and many others. In addition, in the territory of the Cagno Negro National Park, a large number of endemic plants grow.

What to do in the park?

Costa Rica travel agencies offer many excursions , including visits to national parks. Let's talk about several popular routes:

  1. A walking safari. An ordinary excursion by footpaths of the park with a brief introduction to local sights and inhabitants.
  2. Boat trip. This variant of pastime is perfect for a large company. During the excursion you will be told and shown by the inhabitants of the underwater world.
  3. Fishing. Favorite tourist attraction in the Cagno Negro Reserve. On the territory of the park flows the Rio-Frio River, which hosts an incredible number of fish. This is the armored pike, and gaspar, and tarpon - in general, a paradise for fishermen.

How to visit?

The main international airport of Costa Rica , which arrives most tourists, is located in the capital of the country, San Jose . From there, you can get to Cagno Negro as part of the excursion group or fly to the nearest city to the park (Los Chiles), and then drive up by public transport .