Bursitis - treatment at home

Soreness and swelling of the joints arises in the course of a disease called bursitis - treatment at the initial stages can be carried out at home, it is allowed to combine medical therapy prescribed by a doctor with folk methods of treatment.

What is bursitis?

Defining what is bursitis disease, it is worth paying attention to the Latin term "bursa" in the translation it sounds "bag". Bursitis is an inflammatory process that occurs in synovial bags of joints. It is accompanied by the accumulation in the tissues of the connecting bones, the painful formation. The size of the joint bag pathologically increases in size, a swelling appears, which can reach a size of up to 10 cm.

The disease occurs when the load on the folding zone:

Bursitis is referred to occupational diseases, more often a predisposition to the disease occurs in people undergoing a stable mechanical pressure on the joints (athletes, miners). The cause of the occurrence is incorrectly matched shoes or excess weight, joint trauma, salt accumulation in rheumatism. The majority of patients are men under 40 years of age.

How to treat bursitis?

A painful condition can occur once - acute bursitis, it does not cause serious damage to health. Repeated trauma will provoke chronic bursitis. The course of the disease causes difficult movements, accompanied by pain in the joint affected by the disease. In a neglected state, the body temperature rises. Ways to treat bursitis depend on the type of disease:

Bursitis of the hip joint - treatment

Synovial bag (bursa) - a kind of shock absorber, reducing friction between the joint and soft tissue. Its suppuration leads to an orthopedic disease, in which a fluid accumulates in the bursa. The hip joint, in the absence of stress, hypothermia, as a result of trauma or congenital pathology, has the risk of undergoing such a disease. Diagnosis can be made by a physician. Timely treatment, in the initial stages, allows for effective treatment of bursitis in an outpatient setting:

Bursitis of the knee joint - treatment

Systematic loads on the knees lead to thinning of tissues and joint damage, which provokes in the bursa into inflammatory formations. The disease occurs in people whose physical work requires a constant load on the joint of the knee (tilers, parquets, scrapers, etc.). The presence of gout, psoriasis and arthritis provokes bursitis. Symptoms of the disease:

  1. the shape of the knee joint has changed;
  2. edema and redness;
  3. when feeling, the inflammation zone hurts and is hot;
  4. It's hard to walk.

How to cure bursitis of the knee joint at home - to reduce blood flow, raise the knee and apply cold compresses to it (for 15-20 minutes). Razirat pharmacy ointments - diclofenac, voltaren, fast-gel. Take pain-relieving drugs - ibuprofen, ketoprofen, piroxicam. Before treating the knee bursitis , you should consult a doctor, he can prescribe antibiotics. Self-treatment, not giving results for several days, exacerbates the disease, provokes a high body temperature.

Bursitis of the shoulder joint - treatment

The cause of shoulder inflammation of the bursa is persistent physical activity, falls, stroke, infection (transmission of infection with lymph or blood from a diseased organ). Systematic monotonous actions, taking place over a long period, become a provocateur of the disease. It occurs in people engaged in sports (tennis players, gymnasts), porters, aged after 60 years. Treatment of bursitis of the shoulder joint:

How to cure the elbow joint bursitis?

Damage or injury to the elbow can provoke bursitis. Diagnose it very easily - the elbow increases to anomalous dimensions, has a pronounced swelling, reddening of the flexion zone and pain. Than to treat a bursitis of an ulnar joint is defined by the doctor after survey. The disease has two types of occurrence - infection or inflammation. Traumatic (inflammatory) can easily be treated with conservative and folk methods. Infectious bursitis treatment means by means of surgery - drain the ulnar bag, prescribe antibiotics.

Bursitis of the wrist - treatment

A sharp pain in the wrist will remove the compress, prepared from drugstores. You can treat bursitis with dimexide and added to it - impregnate the gauze bandage (folded several times) and apply 2-3 times a day to the sore spot for 1 hour. Effective compress in the stage of exacerbation and pain in the early days of the disease. Prepare a lotion mixing:

Bursitis Achilles tendon - treatment

Albert's disease or anterior Achilles bursitis occurs due to heavy loads on the legs or the wrong position of the foot while walking. There is a thickening of the muscle tissue at the point of attachment of the heel bone to the Achilles tendon, the mucous bag inflames above the bone protrusion. The area in the zone above the heel blushes, swells and becomes painful, which leads to a partial loss of movement functions. The disease-provoking factors:

This type of disease affects women more often. Long walking on high heels, and then a sharp change in the position of the foot in the home - slippers, is the cause of the disease. Treatment of bursitis can be accelerated by making a stand under the heel, a soft insole will relieve pressure and reduce inflammation. Carry out a selection of special shoes that fixes the position of the foot, not allowing sharp painful movements. If preventive methods of fighting disease do not give results, medicines can be prescribed - non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for the treatment of bursitis:

Bursitis of the heel - treatment

How to treat heel bursitis , if it has acquired a chronic form. Focusing on the stage and causes of the illness, the doctor prescribes therapeutic (analgesic, electrophoresis, rubbing, lotions) or a radical method (surgical intervention) treatment of bursitis. Inflamed joint, should not move (rest), the patient leg should be kept in a raised state. Before you start walking the house, wrap the injured leg in an elastic bandage. Relieves pain, applying to the swelling leaf Kalanchoe, mashed until the formation of juice.

Treatment of bursitis with folk remedies

The treatment of bursitis with herbs according to the recipes of traditional medicine is carried out at the first signs of the disease. Available and simple techniques using herbs, effectively help. If the doctor has prescribed antibiotics, the supplement to the medicine will be baths and lotions, prepared on the basis of natural ingredients. Reception of baths with herbs, balms and lotions, help to cure the disease and stimulate the process of scar tissue.

  1. Haymaking Trash . Shredded hay, weighing 1 kg pour 4 liters of boiled water and cooked on low heat for 30 minutes. A strained broth is added to the bath.
  2. Bath from needles . A bucket of cones and pine needles is poured with steep boiling water and allowed to steep for 5-6 hours. filter and add to the bath.
  3. Cabbage leaf with honey . A leaf of white cabbage is kneaded until the yield and appearance of juice. On a sick site, spread honey, top it with cabbage - cover with a film and wrap it with a cloth.
  4. Burdock is ordinary . Dry root of plant 2 tbsp. l. pour 1 liter of water and boil for a couple of 30 minutes. Drain the decoction and apply to the affected area for 2 hours, covering the top with heat.
  5. Tea celery . 1 tbsp. l. seeds of grass, soak a glass of steep boiling water and insist 2 hours. Divide the infusion obtained into 2 divided doses per day, eat before eating.

Treatment of bursitis with propolis

Than to treat bursitis at home tips beekeepers who know that tincture made of propolis with vodka for compresses, removes inflammation and swelling.

  1. To dilute propolis and vodka in a ratio of 1:10, keep at least 5 days in the dark.
  2. Dipped in a tincture with a cloth cover the affected area for 30 minutes, 2-3 compresses per day.
  3. Duration of the procedure is 7-10 days.

Treatment of bursitis aloe

Aloe on the windowsill, always on hand, how to cure bursitis with the help of a plant known phyto-therapeutists. The medicinal properties of the plant are used for the manufacture of medicinal ointments and compresses that relieve inflammation in the tissues.

  1. 3-4 large leaves of aloe neatly cut off and put on the 2nd day in the refrigerator.
  2. From the cuttings squeeze out the juice and soak them with gauze, put on bursitis and roll.
  3. Compress to change up to 3 times a day.