Kara Delevin was in the center of the scandal and accusations of sexism

The new advertising campaign of the shoe brand Jimmy Choo "Flicker in the Dark" caused an unprecedented scandal. The reason for indignation and criticism was the use of sexist stamps: a girl in an ultrashort, a defiantly red dress with pawns and a very frank neckline, confidently strolling through New York evening in the direction of the nightclub. In the trail of the sexy blonde sound a whistle, hailstones and compliments ... brilliant shoe from Jimmy Choo? The advertising mix from the brand caused not only criticism, but also perplexity in the Western press and social networks.

The main heroine of the video was the 25-year-old supermodel Kara Delevin, who also found herself in the center of the scandal and received a considerable dose of accusations of propagating the culture of harassment and catcalling. If we are familiar with the word harassment and have repeatedly used it in connection with allegations of sexual harassment, then catcalling has just started appearing in articles. In English, this is derived from the word "kis-kis", which cats usually call, the word has become a household name and denotes street molestation by men with sexual overtones.

Representatives of the feminist trend are outraged that the world brand has allowed itself to be shot of such an advertising video and romanticizes the culture of sexual domination by men. In addition, not everyone understood how the purchase of a hot dog from an Italian street vendor and the advertisement of shoes is related? Many saw this as another of the old sex stamps.

Jessica Valenti, a famous writer and a feminist, spoke on Twitter:

"It's disgusting and obviously romanticizes catcalling and harassment. After all, this behavior is so cool, fun and sexy! A woman is presented as a brilliant object, which only smiles and silently accepts sexual harassment from a man. "
Jessica Valenti

One of the fans of the brand wrote the following comment:

"Jimmy Choo, selling shoes with advertising, in which a woman" ketkolyat "on the street - disgusting!"
Against the brand's advertising were feminists
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Kara Delevin remains silent, but sooner or later, she will have to comment on her participation in the advertisement and voice her attitude to the theme of harassment and katkollinga.