Makeup for Halloween Zombies

Halloween is considered a relatively new holiday. Nevertheless, he managed to get accustomed to our conditions and won great popularity among the youth. For the party, you can create a lot of "scary" images. Witches, vampires, ghosts, mermaids, famous killer characters - that's far from a complete list of heroes, whose images can be realized by creating a suitable costume and applying makeup . A common option is to make a zombie make-up for Halloween.

"Scary" makeover of zombies for Halloween

Zombies are among the most frequently visited guests at parties that are held in honor of the holiday. Girls, as a rule, prefer the image of the bride of a zombie and put the appropriate make-up on Halloween. In this case, you can make makeup, which will depict the initial stage of turning into a zombie, when it is not so terrible.

Especially extreme girls can afford the make-up of an experienced and well-known zombie.

In order to make a zombie make-up for Halloween at home, it is recommended to follow the following algorithm of actions:

  1. Before applying makeup, it is best to check how the skin reacts. To do this, a small amount of makeup is applied to the wrist and wait about 1 hour. In the absence of a rash, make-up can be used.
  2. Before applying makeup it is recommended to dress. If this is done after the process, then the cosmetics can be lubricated.
  3. Additional details are attached to the face. For example, it can be scars, a false nose and other details.
  4. Apply paint, which is used as a foundation. For example, it can be a white make-up. This is best done with a sponge.
  5. Further details are applied, which will serve as the accent of the image. For example, it can be dark shadows around the eyes, highlighting cheekbones, drawing wrinkles. After applying each layer wait a while, so that it has dried out.
  6. After the make-up is completely ready, it is recommended to apply a layer of baby powder. It helps not to be smeared with cosmetics.

When creating a scary image, any improvisations that help express the individuality of the person to whom the make-up is applied are allowed.