With what to wear jeggings? Fashionable images with jeggins

Jeggins, or leggings of denim, have won extraordinary popularity among girls and women of different ages. They fit beautiful ladies with any type of figure, as they model the silhouette and make it slim and graceful even in the presence of extra pounds.

Images with jeggins

Women's joggings appeared in the fashion market relatively recently. Meanwhile, this model, combining the features of jeans trousers and leggings, has already given its preference to a huge number of women across the world. Jaggins are made of special pulling fabric with imitation of lightning, buttons, pockets and other decorative elements. Although they look good on any figure, women of fashion must learn how to correctly combine them with other items of clothing, footwear and accessories.

Black Joggings

Leggings of denim fabric of any shade look best with a voluminous top. They should not be tucked into anything, it's much better to put a loose shirt on the release , or a blouse that contrasts markedly with the bottom of the image. So, trousers-jeggins of black color should be combined with an elongated jumper, blouse or white top, and any of the pastel shades.

In this case, it is not recommended to wear these trousers with a crochet-top showing the stria of the naked body surrounding it. This combination looks vulgar and vulgar, so it should be carefully avoided. At the same time, the answer to the question of what to wear black joggings from shoes can be anything. This is suitable for shoes or sandals with heels, and high boots, and coarse shoes.

Leather joggings

Pulling trousers with imitation of the skin look very unusual and attractive, however, they are better for wearing holders of a slender figure. In addition, in these pants can be very hot on warm days, so they should be taken out of the closet in the cold autumn or winter. Otherwise, leather jiggings with a high fit are no different from other types of such pants - they should be combined with shoes and the upper part of the image, using general principles.

White joggings

Female fashionable white jeggies will make the look look fresh and sexy. They can be worn by representatives of the fair sex of any complexion, however, these trousers must be worn with thin panties-tanga or thongs. Otherwise, this piquant detail of underwear will be visible, which will give an image of vulgarity and make it tactless.

Top to white or very light jeggings you can pick up any - shirt, top, jumper, blouse or T-shirt of dark or light shade. And they are very well suited to things with print. If the choice of the girl has stopped on a monophonic object of a wardrobe, to such image it is necessary to pick up bright accessories that not to look fresh and boring. Great for a bright handbag, neck scarf with an original pattern or a large shiny decoration.

Jaggings with high waist

Almost all of the leggings of denim have an overstated waist, so they make the silhouette more slender and refined. Especially good looking gray jeggings of this kind. To get a stylish image, they need to be combined with the top of cold and neutral shades - black, light green, green, white, lilac, purple or blue. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the length of such jeggins - they must reach the end in the thinnest part of the legs of their possessor and show surrounding sexual ankles, passing the accent of shoes.

Jaggins for complete

Girls and women with the size of plus-size usually choose pulling jeggings, which help them to adjust the silhouette and give it slenderness. Meanwhile, women of fashion with such a silhouette feature should not give their preference to too thin trousers, as they demonstrate to the surroundings all the irregularities and skin imperfections, including cellulite. It is much better to wear dzheggins from dense fabric, which fit well on the figure.

Full of girls thinking about what to wear jeggings, the following options are suitable:

With what to wear dzhegginsy in the winter?

In the cold season, girls choose winter dzeggins with fur or other insulation, which gives extraordinary comfort and warms even in a fierce cold. They are best combined with a wide elongated sweater or knitted dress , and also with high boots on heels or a platform. From outerwear to this set is best suited elegant long coat, complemented by an original muffler or a wide scarf.