Basic wardrobe from Evelina Khromchenko - fashionable expert advice

According to TV presenter Evelina Khromchenko, good taste is not a given, but daily work on oneself. The forty-five-year-old TV presenter proved that adherence to important but simple rules guarantees an uncompromising appearance, for which it is not necessary to purchase novelties from the latest designer collections. What is it, the ideal contents of cabinets?

Fashion advice from Evelina Khromchenko - basic wardrobe

Her name can be found in the prestigious British rating The Business of Fashion 500, which presents the people influencing the world fashion. She lights up talents on the catwalks of Russia, heads fashion projects, having time to read lectures at Moscow State University, and 25 items of basic wardrobe from Evelina Khromchenko have become a super-hint for millions of girls. Deprived of bright colors, pajetok, excessive decor and complex cut, this clothing allows you to use the unique formula for creating everyday and elegant ensembles that are relevant in any situation.

Basic wardrobe for a woman from Evelina Khromchenko

To give preference to brands, blindly follow new trends and spend unnecessarily large sums on clothes - not quite, to put it mildly, reasonably, the fashion expert believes. Available to every basic female wardrobe from the incomparable Evelina Khromchenko - practical, discreet but very stylish things, perfectly combining in topical bows:

  1. Double-breasted coat . Even considering the versatility of black, it is worth to acquire a model of neutral sand color, made from quality cashmere or dense woolen fabric.
  2. Trench . This outer garment supplements both everyday, and street, and office images. Khromchenko prefers models of black or olive color.
  3. Cardigan / long sweater . The choice of colors can vary from milky shades to classic black.
  4. Blouse with short sleeves . White, light beige, milky, powdery or pastel blue, but monophonic, without decor and with a round neckline!
  5. White T-shirt . A banal shirt, behind which the nickname "alcoholic" is fixed, will complement the bow with jeans, a straight skirt of medium length and even with classic trousers in combination with a jacket.
  6. Blouse with long sleeves . A white-and-white model, resembling an ordinary men's shirt, is a mast-hev.
  7. Longsleeve vest . The classic sea ​​print in black or dark blue version looks appropriate in street and business images.
  8. Trouser suit . An indispensable attribute, suitable for both work and a social event.
  9. Jeans . Hromchenko chose skins for herself, but every girl should be guided by the type of her figure . The universal color is classic dark blue.
  10. Dress-case . A model of medium length of dark gray, muted blue or black with minimal decor is an indispensable element of the wardrobe. With the help of accessories and shoes, the dress is easy to convert from everyday to solemn.
  11. Cocktail dress . Dark, just below or above the knee, with translucent inserts, elegant belt - a simple solution for hanging out with friends and a corporate party.
  12. A pencil skirt . The main selection criteria are expensive costume fabric, black color and an ideal fit.

Requirements for footwear and accessories icon style pushes high. Cheap artificial materials, vulgar shine and placer stones are excluded! The basic components of a universal wardrobe are:

Base wardrobe for the winter from Evelina Khromchenko

Common sense suggests that in frosty weather light clothing should be replaced by warmer clothing. Abstracted from pretentiousness, unconventionality and originality, the winter basic wardrobe from Evelina Khromchenko contains suits made of warm fabric, knitted sweaters, straight-cut woolen trousers, a coat or a fur coat, fur-lined boots, a knitted hat and a scarf.

Basic wardrobe for the summer from Evelina Khromchenko

The clothes of the summer season in terms of color range do not have nuances, but the fabrics should be as light, comfortable, breathable. In the basic wardrobe from Evelina Khromchenko for the summer includes an air dress or dress, the finest blouses, t-shirts, shorts, skirts and jeans. You will need open sandals, ballet flats and sneakers, and from accessories - glasses and a bag with a long strap.

Evelina Khromchenko - basic wardrobe for fat women

Excess weight expert fashion does not consider the occasion for dressing in hoodies. Stylish basic wardrobe from Evelina Khromchenko for women is almost the same as recommended to slender ladies. The same calm tone, straight lines and lack of obsession decor. Do not do with the owners of magnificent forms without corrective underwear and pulling tights.

The basic wardrobe of the girl from Evelina Khromchenko

The young age somewhat broadens the possibilities for creating attractive ensembles. What are the basic things in the wardrobe girl Evelina Khromchenko considers mandatory? In addition to the above, it is a black turtleneck, a fitted jacket, narrow light jeans. You can not do without bright accessories that refresh the image and make it expressive, memorable, individual.

Basic wardrobe for men from Evelina Khromchenko

Representatives of the opposite sex have something to learn from an expert woman. In the basic wardrobe of men from Evelina Khromchenko should enter the average length of the trench, sitting on the figure jacket, white shirt , blue or black jeans, black leather shoes, polo and a few T-shirts. Having basic things in the wardrobe from Evelina Khromchenko, combining them, creating actual bows, is easy.

Whether Evelina Khromchenko's advice will help to create a basic wardrobe that will save the eternal problem of "what to wear?" Depends on desire, sense of proportion and taste. Millions of women and men, inspired by the recommendations of the style icon, listened to elementary but extremely effective advice called "Evelines", and enjoy the obvious changes for others!