Nina Dobrev in a swimsuit

The luxurious body of the conqueror of vampire hearts - Nina Dobrev - looks very nice not only in evening dresses, but also in open swimsuits. After leaving the series "The Vampire Diaries" Canadian actress went to travel and rest. Half a year ago, the girl twice visited Hawaii with her friends. Judging by the numerous photos, Nina Dobrev was ready for a photo shoot - her body in a swimsuit looks just gorgeous.

Secrets of the beautiful figure of Nina Dobrev

As the actress admits, the following rules help her maintain a slender figure in this state:

  1. Proper nutrition in small portions 5 times a day is the main guarantee of a beautiful body. And to satisfy hunger, you can eat something like yogurt, dried fruits or nuts. The actress prefers to cook on her own, because she is also vegetarian.
  2. In the tone of her body support intensive training in the gym with a coach. 3-4 times a week she is engaged in bikram yoga (this is training at an elevated temperature in the hall - about 40 degrees).
  3. Also active sports are present in the schedule of Nina. She is an active person who does not sit still. Dancing, swimming, snowboarding, yoga and so on - all the hobbies of the girl and not to list.
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For today, with an increase of 168 cm, the weight of the young actress is only 55 kg. Therefore, Nina Dobrev does not hesitate to take off her shorts and a T-shirt and demonstrate her body in different swimsuits: blue, black, with bright prints and drawings. The girl always looks great and feels at the center of attention.