What is the name of the kidney doctor?

When there are problems with the organs of the urinary system, women often have a question: what is the name of the doctor for the treatment of kidney disease. In fact, no matter what kind of doctor the patient addresses with this type of disorder, he will be given the referral to the one that deals with the treatment of kidney diseases. In particular, with the diseases of the excretory system, therapist, nephrologist, urologist and surgeon are dealing.

If we talk about how the child's kidney doctor is called, then the pediatrician usually treats the children as a rule.

When is kidney disease necessary to consult a therapist?

This specialist has a wide profile, which is why he often deals with kidney diseases. In particular, he is treated with such diseases as pyelonephritis and glomerulonephritis. Also, the therapist can treat urolithiasis in cases where blockade with concretions of the urinary tract is excluded.

In addition to the above diseases, the therapist can also be treated with:

What does the nephrologist cure?

If he talks about the name of a doctor for the treatment of diseases of the kidneys alone, then this is a nephrologist. This specialist has a narrow profile, so patients are referred to him when it is already established that there are problems with the kidneys.

A specialist with this qualification is involved in the therapy of kidney diseases, the appointment of a diet, and consultation with patients with urolithiasis.

What kind of diseases does the urologist deal with?

This doctor has a more surgical profile. He deals not only with the treatment of the kidneys themselves, but also with disorders of the genitourinary sphere in the male, and, if necessary, carries out surgical interventions. In women of this kind, the gynecologist performs the task.

To the urologist it is possible to address at:

To help the surgeon resorted in those cases when an operative intervention is prescribed, - when extracting stones from the urinary system, for example. Such operations are carried out only under general anesthesia.

Thus, in order to understand to which doctor to apply for kidney disease, it is enough for a woman to consult a therapist. He will conduct a general examination, prescribe blood and urine tests, give directions to ultrasound. After it is determined which kind of disorder is present, the patient will be referred to the doctor who is dealing with this problem.