Aerobics for pregnant women

In order to maintain a perfect shape and good mood in a difficult period for a woman, aerobic exercises during pregnancy are recommended. It can be both group and independent lessons that take place in a hall or at home.

Some courses for expectant mothers offer their services, where, under the supervision of an experienced trainer specializing specifically in pregnant women, these classes are held. Whichever way a woman chooses, one should take into account her condition, since the loads for expectant mothers are much lower.

1 trimester

At the very beginning of pregnancy there is often a threat of miscarriage, and even if everything is normal, it is in this period that it is necessary to competently approach any physical activity, including aerobics. The coach must choose certain exercises that do not lead to the tone of the uterus.

As soon as the pregnant woman feels that it is difficult for her to cope with the exercises, they should be urgently stopped. During the lessons, drinking clean water is encouraged to avoid dehydration. Aerobics during pregnancy is possible only with the consent of the district gynecologist.

2 trimester

This is the safest period in all respects, because the threat of premature birth has passed, and the weight has not yet increased so as to cause discomfort during the exercises. But still intense loads now will be inappropriate.

During aerobics classes, adapted for pregnant women, the baby receives enough oxygen, which is undoubtedly very useful. Muscles that are constantly in tonus will become a bonus during labor. And stretching exercises will protect the perineal tissue from ruptures.

3 trimester

In the last trimester, if a woman feels well, aerobic exercise should not be canceled. That's just to review the set of exercises. Those that can affect stability and are too heavy for the joints must be excluded.

It turns out a kind of light gymnastics, but now another and not required. Women who lead an active lifestyle during the gestation of a child, much faster recover their former physical form. Yes, and caring for a child for a trained mom is much easier.

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