When does nausea begin during pregnancy?

From the moment of conception and attachment of the embryo in the body, a powerful hormonal restructuring begins, the task of which is to prepare the body for bearing and childbirth. Among the "side effects" of this restructuring is a toxicosis of pregnancy, the main manifestation of which is nausea.

When does nausea occur during pregnancy?

As a rule, toxicosis in a pregnant woman develops to 6-7 weeks from the first day of the last menstruation. This is due to the fact that it is at this time in the body that the maximum of hormones responsible for the development of pregnancy accumulates. However, sometimes there is nausea in pregnancy before the delay. This may be due to a violent hormonal response to the onset of conception. In some cases, such toxicosis is more pronounced and is more difficult.

It should be noted that the symptoms of toxicosis are sometimes unusual. For example, nausea is not in the morning, but in the afternoon or even before bedtime. Many future mothers mark this sign, but do not associate it with pregnancy, until there is a delay. Some women do not even notice any toxicosis.

When does nausea occur during pregnancy?

Of course, toxicosis in a woman's life is not the most pleasant time, but because she wants to know when nausea will pass during pregnancy. Typically, the toxicosis lasts no more than 2-4 weeks, by 12 weeks from it does not remain a trace. In pathological cases, toxicosis can last up to 16 weeks, but this is extremely rare, and such types of toxicosis are medically treated.

How to cope with nausea?

Every pregnant woman finds her ways to fight against toxicosis. Acidified, a light breakfast in bed, minimizing irritating factors, such as sharp odors, washing with cool water. Most of these methods somewhat reduce nausea, but only time can completely relieve the toxicity - you need to be patient and wait for the second trimester.

The causes of nausea in pregnancy are quite natural - the body changes, new hormones are released, the woman adapts to motherhood. All this translates into a whole complex of symptoms. Psychologists advise: to get rid of toxicosis, as soon as possible to accept your new condition and begin to sincerely rejoice in future motherhood. In this case, nausea in pregnant women recedes quickly.