What is useful for green onions for health and beauty?

At any time of the year, you can get green and juicy onions, which have a piquant taste. Many are confused by the unpleasant aroma that remains after consuming the vegetable, but if you know what a green onion is useful, then the smell will not be so important. Doctors recommend using the product in the presence of various health problems.

Green onions - healthy properties

The benefits of the vegetable have been known for more than a dozen years and its properties can be said for a long time.

  1. The composition contains sulfur, which causes the presence of anti-inflammatory properties, and green onions can be a prevention of weakening cartilage tissue and the development of arthritis.
  2. Finding out what green onions are good for the body, it is worth pointing out that due to the presence of phosphorus it reduces the risk of caries and various infections of the mouth. Even after chewing feathers for 2-3 minutes. you can kill all germs in the mouth, on the throat and lips.
  3. Separately, it should be said about the influence of green onions on men's health, so it reduces the risk of a number of diseases of the genitourinary system. He is a powerful aphrodisiac, helping to strengthen the male libido.
  4. In the composition of the vegetable there are substances that are good for the health of the eyes and they serve to prevent the occurrence of cataracts and other problems.
  5. The use of green onions is associated with the presence of antioxidants, which block the growth of cancer cells. Ascorbic acid is fighting against the action of free radicals, which reduces the risk of developing malignant tumors.
  6. Positively affects the work of the nervous system, helping to better tolerate stressful situations and fight with insomnia.
  7. Vegetable stimulates the work of the intestines and helps to get rid of constipation. It improves the digestive system.
  8. Minerals and vitamins in green onions are useful in the presence of heart disease and vascular system. With regular use, it is possible to strengthen the walls of the vessels and normalize the work of the organ.
  9. Phytoncids found in essential oils of plants can penetrate the body during breathing, which helps to cope with a headache. To do this, several times deeply inhale the smell of freshly picked green feathers.
  10. Since ancient times onion juice is used for compresses to speed up the healing process of wounds and inflammations.
  11. The usefulness of green onions lies in its ability to relieve swelling, as the water-salt balance in the body is normalized.

Green onion - composition

People have noticed the useful properties of green onions for a long time and after a while studies were carried out and the chemical composition was determined. To begin with it is necessary to find out what vitamins are in green onions, so in this product there is vitamin A, C and group B. There are in the composition pyridoxine, tocopherol, choline, dietary fiber and even unsaturated fatty acids. There are in this product and minerals, for example, magnesium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus and many others. The green onions are rich in flavonoids, phytoncides, essential oils and chlorophyll.

Healing properties of green onions

A rich composition of nutrients causes a wide range of medicinal properties. To feel them on yourself, you just need to include it in your diet. It is important to consider that in some cases a burning vegetable can be contraindicated. Describing what is useful for green onions for the body, it is worth mentioning its antipyretic, expectorant, antibacterial and antifungal action. Use it in numerous recipes of traditional medicine.

Green onions for liver

A fragrant and spicy vegetable can have a dual effect on the liver, that is, in some cases it is useful, and in some, on the contrary, it is contraindicated. The properties of green onions imply the provision of choleretic action on the body, therefore it is recommended to use it for bile stasis. It will be useful in the normalization of the process of bile formation. It should be noted that the green onion has an irritating property, therefore, it is categorically contraindicated in inflammatory liver diseases (hepatitis and cirrhosis), so it is better to abandon it.

Green onions with diabetes

Studies have found that there are foods that contain substances that affect blood sugar levels. These include green onions, which contain sulfur compounds, and this substance increases the amount of insulin. Green onions are useful in type 2 diabetes due to the presence of chlorophyll, whose action is aimed at improving the hematopoiesis system. Another useful ingredient in the vegetable is chromium, which controls the level of sugar in the blood and ensures the slow and gradual release of glucose in muscles and cells.

Green onions with hypertension

Doctors advise people who suffer from increased blood pressure, pay attention to dishes containing green onions, or simply eat a healthy vegetable. This is explained by the fact that it contains allicin, which reduces the stiffness of blood vessels, which helps reduce blood pressure. Scientists have confirmed that green onions are useful under pressure, but it has also been found that it reduces the risk of blood clots and has a fibrinolytic effect, and this helps prevent the occurrence of peripheral vascular diseases and heart diseases.

Green onions for colds

In winter, the body lacks nutrients, so if possible, it is recommended to include green onions in your menu. Scientists have found that people who grow this vegetable are extremely ill. Finding out what is the use of green onions, it is worth pointing to the presence of phytoncides, which protect the body from the attack of viruses and bacteria. Scientists have determined that this product has a large number of flavonoids that support the functions of the immune system.

What is the use of green onions for women?

Use a vegetable in folk remedies of cosmetology to improve the condition of hair, nails and skin. If you are interested in what is useful for green onions for women, then it is worth knowing that it is recommended that women are in position.

  1. The composition includes vitamin B9, which is important in the early stages of the birth of life. With its deficiency, the risk of miscarriage and the development of anomalies in fetuses is significantly increased.
  2. The benefit of green onions for women in the position is its beneficial effect on immunity, which helps to protect against various viruses and infections.
  3. It is important in the second trimester to limit the amount of onions consumed, so as not to provoke the development of allergies in the child.

Green onion from acne

This vegetable contains a lot of useful substances, so it can be used in home masks to cope with different problems. With the regular application of green cosmetics, the cell regeneration process is activated, the inflammatory processes are eliminated and nutrition and moisturizing of the skin occurs. In addition, the mask of green onions for the face will help to cope with rashes, thanks to the presence of antiseptic action. It also has clarifying properties.



  1. Mix the chopped onion and yolk to a homogeneous consistency.
  2. Apply the mixture on your face to form a thin film. When the mask is dry, wash with warm water.

Green onions for hair

For cosmetic purposes, you can use the vegetable and to improve the condition of the hair.

  1. Included in the enzymes, contribute to the acceleration of growth of curls and relieve fragility.
  2. Green onion from hair loss is effective, as useful substances act on the bulb and strengthen it.
  3. After the first procedure, you can notice that the strands have become shiny and silky.
  4. Vegetable juice positively influences the condition of the scalp, moisturizes and softens it. Using masks, you can not be afraid of dandruff.



  1. Mix all the ingredients and rub into the roots.
  2. Wrap the film and hold the mask for an hour.
  3. To cope with the unpleasant odor that remains on the hair after this procedure, it is necessary to dilute 4 liters of water in 1 liter of water. spoonful of vinegar or lemon juice. After washing off the mask, rinse the curls with a ready-made solution.

Green onions with losing weight

If there is a desire to lose weight, it is recommended to include in the diet green onions, which helps restore metabolism, and thanks to the fiber it cleans the body of toxins and toxins. Suitable green onions for weight loss and due to its low calorie content, so on 100 g only 19-20 kcal. Vegetables saturate the body with nutrients that are important during the diet period. It is important to know not only what is useful for fresh green onions, but also how to use it correctly:

  1. It is recommended to add green feathers to salads, snacks, and also to cooked soup or broth.
  2. To useful substances are better assimilated, then refined dishes with onions are recommended vegetable oil.
  3. There is a better vegetable in the fresh form, since after heat treatment many useful substances are destroyed.

Green onions with gastritis

In the presence of inflammation of the gastric mucosa, it is important to carefully choose products for the diet. Onions contain substances that exert an irritating effect, which only aggravates the patient's condition, so it is better to refuse from green feathers during the exacerbation period. As for the stage of remission, a doctor's consultation is needed here, since the use of green onions for the body is huge and it is recommended to include it in the diet, only in small amounts and the product should be previously boiled.

Green onions with pancreatitis

Inflammation of the pancreas can be, as in the phase of remission, and in the phase of exacerbation. In the first case, doctors allow to include in the diet dishes, which includes green onions, which have been heat treated, as a result of the amount of irritants decreases. Finding out what is useful for green onions in pancreatitis, it is worth noting that a small amount of vegetable is allowed in the event that there is a disorder of carbohydrate metabolism. It can even slightly lower the blood glucose level.

In diseases of the pancreas, the use of this plant for food can become a cause of aggravation of the patient's condition, especially if used when exacerbating the inflammatory process. This is due to the fact that aggressive essential oils provoke an increase in the secretion of gastric and pancreatic juice. Included in the composition of cellulose, promotes gassing, which causes painful sensations.