What does Denis mean?

Adults Denis, usually, are conservative, but in youth they love experiments. They are too sarcastic and assertive. Hate, when they are trying to impose someone's point of view, will fiercely defend their interests.

In translation from Ancient Greek Denis means "dedicated to Dionysus".

Origin of the name Denis:

The name of Greek origin, originated in the name of the Greek god of winemaking and fun - Dionysus.

Characteristics and interpretation of the name Denis:

Little Denis grows strong, healthy boy. He is very cheerful and sociable. His bounty is famous throughout the district, will share the latest candy. Charming since the childhood, knows about it, and uses it at the slightest convenient opportunity. Very sincere boy. They like to collect anything - stamps, postcards, badges. He loves animals, walks his pet with pleasure without a reminder of his parents. Very diligent and capable of science, accurate in everything, loves hard work. Has a predisposition to respiratory diseases. All life's difficulties go around with ease, due to their luck and luck. Sometimes he likes to impose his opinion. Very proud.

Adult Denis is quite emotional, and when emotions take precedence over reason, he does not manage to pull himself together. He especially does not like criticism in his address. Denis is always in the spotlight, he likes walking and traveling, he likes being among the women's company. He tries to follow the norms of morality, but does not recognize strict limits. Very passionate and lives on the crest of his feelings. He likes elegant, beautiful things and accessories, loves to receive guests exquisitely, the doors of his house are always open. Has many friends, both among men and women. The nervous system is somewhat unstable, the susceptibility to nervous stress is seen, therefore nervous overloads, shocks to it are absolutely counter-indicative. Denis needs a full rest and a long sleep.

He has a very creative nature - he quickly gets carried away, well developed fantasy, analytical mindset, he is full of different ideas and plans. All their tasks and ideas strive to implement independently, or with their like-minded people. But, he is a person of mood, and can quite cool down to his dream and forget about the business, started once, and about the responsibility to his comrades. He is very suitable profession of an actor, director, writer, researcher, journalist, photojournalist.

He is very fond of women, he considers himself a connoisseur of female beauty. Therefore, he has several marriages, sometimes marriages fall apart not only because of his many changes, but also because of his selfishness. Denis is a fairly quick-tempered person, touchy, provoking many conflict situations in the family.

Interesting facts about Denis:

In history and art there are many talented people named Denis. This name is found both in pop culture, in painting, and in cinema.

He is lucky in marriage with the owners of such names as Alexandra, Catherine, Anna, Marina, Claudia, Larissa, Polina, Sofya, Sofia.

Denis's name in different languages:

Forms and variants of the name Denis : Deniska, Den, Denusya, Denya, Dysik, Denyok, Desha, Den

Denis - name : gray

Denis's flower : lily of the valley

Denis's stone : sapphire