What does a zombie look like?

Many zombies are associated with heroes of horror films, but there are people who believe in the existence of living dead in real life. They lost control of their own movements, and they do not know what pain, fear and pity are. In history there are several versions and even confirmations of the existence of living dead.

What does the most terrible zombie look like?

For the first time information about the existence of such people appeared in 1929, when one of the reporters of the newspaper "New York Times" wrote a book describing his life in Haiti, where he met zombies. In another book "The Mysterious Island" you can find their description. The author points to the terrible eyes of zombies, which, according to him, do not have a focus and seem to burn. The living dead have an empty face, from which they goosebumps.

We suggest to dwell on the images presented in various films and projects. There are different types of zombies:

  1. Classical . For the first time on television they were shown in the film "Night of the Living Dead". In the picture there is no explanation of how they appeared. Their bodies began to decompose, they move very slowly, and it is also worth mentioning about the disgusting smell.
  2. Under the influence of some kind of virus . Many films choose this direction. For example, you can cite the example of "Resident Evil". A certain virus enters the human blood, changing the structure of DNA.
  3. With a changed consciousness . Such zombies are ordinary people, but they have no intelligence. Outwardly, they almost do not differ from people.
  4. Under the influence of a foreign creature. A person penetrates into a person, completely subordinating him to himself.

The African version of what a zombie looks like

As is known in the magic of Voodoo, a special place is occupied by puppets used not only to take revenge on the enemy, but also to enslave a person. Sorcerers have the ability to influence others and force them to perform certain actions. Voodoo shamans can turn a person into a zombie. To do this, they use a certain drink that affects the psyche. He acts like a hallucinogenic drug and for a certain time just paralyzes a person. The victim, who received a dose of such a drink, was placed in a box, where she fell into a lethargic sleep. Then it is buried in the ground for several days. Being in such conditions, moreover, under the influence of the potion, the human brain cells begin to disintegrate. In general, when it comes time to dig out the victim, she is no longer responsible for her actions and completely subordinated to the shaman.

What do real zombies look like?

In the modern world there are many different sects. Thanks to rituals and techniques, their leaders can easily influence people and inspire them with the necessary information. As a result, a person does not understand what he is doing. You can find a huge amount of evidence, as people sold flats and gave all their savings in the hands of the so-called, guides to a better world. This is how a modern zombie looks like, as a person does not understand at all what he does and does not hear others. Crowd people create different organizations based on unity and love . Everything is thought out to the smallest detail: music, poetry, atmosphere, etc. Many sect owners apply psychotropic drugs to people so that they can not reason.

Voodoo sorcerers also used things from the cemetery and the bones of the dead for their rituals. Of the latter, they made powders with which the magician could cause any disease and even paralysis. They also used the clothes of the victim and dressed her on the corpse. During decomposition, a person suffers and literally goes insane. As a result, he is ready to fulfill any whim of a shaman, just to get rid of the torment.