Vascular Atherosclerosis

The violation of metabolism in the body, and especially of fat metabolism, is the cause of the onset of such a disease as atherosclerosis. The cause of this disease are fatty plaques on the walls of blood vessels, which appear due to increased cholesterol in the blood. With the normal functioning of the body, cholesterol is present in the blood and is in dynamic equilibrium with another substance that is part of the fat - lecithin. The cause of an increase in the proportion of cholesterol can be excessive consumption of fatty foods, stress, improper operation of the thyroid or sex glands. Over time, around the plaque on the wall of the vessel begins to grow connective tissue and lime is formed - this is the atherosclerosis of the vessels. When cholesterol plaques are destroyed, platelets are adhered to the damaged surface, which leads to blood clots in the vessels.

Prevention of atherosclerosis of vessels includes the cessation of smoking, getting rid of excess weight, if any, compliance with the diet, and also need to avoid stress and any psychological discomfort.

Symptoms of the disease are pain in the affected area. If you suffer from atherosclerosis of the vessels of the heart, then the pains will be in the left side of the chest, pressing, pulling. When the vessels of the legs are affected, you will begin to experience unpleasant sensations after walking or otherwise loading the lower limbs. Disturbance of blood supply to the brain can cause distraction, poor memory. Exact diagnosis can be carried out by a specialist through a biochemical blood test.

Treatment of vascular atherosclerosis

When deciding how to treat arteriosclerosis of the vessels, you can choose the drug and non-medicinal methods. In addition to the use of drugs in the fight against this disease will help exercise, elimination of excess weight, a special diet and a quiet lifestyle without stressful situations. Physical activity and balanced nutrition combined with a healthy lifestyle significantly reduce the risk of developing vascular diseases.

If all the same the disease is already progressing, it is necessary to carry out treatment with the help of medications, and, if necessary, surgical intervention. There are a number of certain drugs that can lower the level of cholesterol in the blood, they can appoint a doctor. Self-treatment without consulting a specialist can only harm your health. In the modern world, doctors use surgical methods to improve blood flow through the vessels affected by atherosclerosis.

Atherosclerosis Diet

The main task of the diet is not so much the restriction of the ingestion of cholesterol in the body, as the restoration of the correct lipid metabolism. The basis of the diet is reduced calorie food, fractional food (5-6 times a day), unloading days. If you are the owner of extra pounds, as much as possible eat fruits and vegetables. Pectin inhibits the absorption of cholesterol, and fiber improves the functioning of the intestine. A huge benefit are fish oil, seafood, eggs and cottage cheese. An exception to the menu is ALL fried, as well as animal fats. Cook, simmer, bake, but do not fry.

Observing a diet, exercising and controlling your weight, you can avoid such terrible consequences of atherosclerosis, as heart attacks and strokes. Taking care of one's health in youth gives a great chance to keep it until old age.