Vascular asterisks on the legs - the causes and the most effective means of treatment

Blood circulation in the skin is provided by arterioles, venules and capillaries. Stable expansion of small vessels in certain areas is called telangiectasia, it manifests itself as a grid or asterisks on the surface. This condition is considered to be only a cosmetic defect that does not pose a health hazard and does not require treatment.

Vascular network on legs - causes

The problem described is a consequence of the expansion and deformation of arterioles, capillaries and venules, the walls of which have lost their elasticity. While it is not precisely determined why these pathological processes occur and the asterisks on the legs are formed. According to medical reports, the considered defect is more vulnerable to women (80% of all cases) of middle and old age.

Vascular asterisks on legs presumably arise against the background of the following factors:

Can I remove the vascular network on my legs?

To get rid of the presented defect, you should consult a doctor. Treatment of the vascular network on the legs is performed by the phlebologist, but to find out the causes of the pathology, he can advise to visit other specialists:

Vascular net on legs - how to get rid of?

There are two main options for dealing with this problem. Conservative ways to remove vascular asterisks on the legs include the use of local drugs (creams, ointments, compresses and others) and systemic drugs (tablets, drops). Therapy should combine both approaches to ensure that treatment is comprehensive and most effective.

Radical removal of sprouts on the legs involves surgical (low invasive) or hardware effects. The most effective methods are:

  1. Sclerotherapy . A special solution is introduced into the lumen of the damaged vessel with a thin needle, which leads to gluing of its walls and subsequent destruction.
  2. Microthermocoagulation. Stretched vessels are sealed with an electrode with Teflon or gold coating. Because of the lack of blood circulation, they shrink and dissolve.
  3. Laser treatment. A directional beam evaporates blood in damaged areas. As a result, the walls of the vessel are glued together, and after a few weeks it completely dissolves.

Cream of stars on the legs

Drug therapy includes applying local drugs to areas with defects. An effective way to get rid of vascular sprouts on your legs, if they are small and almost invisible, is the use of creams with venotonic effect. Such funds strengthen the walls of capillaries, venules and arterioles and normalize blood circulation:

Ointment from the stars on the legs

If the skin of the extremities is very dry, it is better to purchase a more fatty remedy. The ointment will reduce the spider veins on the legs and prevent irritation of the epidermis. This variant of local treatment of telangiectasias acts similarly to cream, but is produced on a vaseline or oil base to increase fat content. A small and limited vascular mesh on the legs can be well treated with the following medicines:

Pills for vascular strengthening

To quickly eliminate the asterisks on the legs, treatment should include systemic drugs. The intake of tablets, strengthening the walls of venules, capillaries and arterioles, provides an improvement in blood flow and stabilization of pressure in them, prevents stretching and deformation of tissues. It is desirable to use oral agents in parallel and to treat the external vascular sprouts on the legs, the treatment with systemic medicines includes the use of such drugs:

Folk remedies for stars

In alternative medicine, there are many natural medicines that help strengthen the vascular walls. One of the simple but effective ways how to get rid of the stars on your feet are coniferous baths with essential oils. For their preparation need pine needles. You can use fresh and dried pine needles, slices of branches, bark and young cones.

The recipe for a bath

Ingredients :

Preparation, application

  1. Put the needles in an enamel pot, pour over with boiling water.
  2. Put the dishes on the stove, keep the solution on the fire for 10 minutes.
  3. Drain and strain the broth.
  4. Cool the liquid a little, add essential oil to it.
  5. Pour the solution into a bucket or pelvis, place the legs in it for 10-15 minutes.

Vascular large sprouts on the legs can be removed with compresses from the available products. Such lotions are applied to the affected areas for 20-35 minutes. The following drugs are used as medications:

Decoction for internal reception

Ingredients :

Preparation, application

  1. Pour vegetable raw materials with boiling water.
  2. Insist means 1 hour.
  3. Boil the solution for 10 minutes.
  4. Cool, strain the medicine.
  5. Take the broth in small portions throughout the day.
  6. The course of therapy is a month.

Removal of vascular asterisks on the legs with a laser

The procedure under consideration refers to simple manipulations, which are carried out even in cosmetology centers. Hardware techniques are still the most effective ways to remove stars on their feet. Results are visible after 1 session, and telangiectasia is no longer formed in the treated areas. Laser removal of vascular asterisks on the legs is the intense heating of the blood inside the capillaries. Hemoglobin absorbs heat energy and folds. The walls of the vessels are glued together and gradually dry out completely.

Prophylaxis of the vascular network on the legs

To prevent the formation of telangiectasias, it is necessary to adhere to several rules.

Venous sprouts on the legs - prevention:

  1. Wear comfortable shoes on the middle heel.
  2. Alternate the load on the legs with rest, change of position of the body.
  3. Watch the weight.
  4. Avoid prolonged thermal effects (sunbathing on the beach, hiking in the sauna, bath, solarium).
  5. Do not sit, throwing one leg to the other.
  6. Go in for sports, walk on foot.
  7. Refuse to wear too tight clothes and linen.
  8. After showering, rinse your feet with cool water.
  9. Balanced eat.
  10. Moderately consume alcohol, do not smoke.