Types of worms

There are a lot of different types of worms that can settle and parasitize in the human body. Certain details about each of them are not even remembered by experienced specialists. But there is a group of pathogens with which medicine is most often encountered.

What kinds of worms are there?

In fact, we have to contact the worms daily. Eggs and other products of vital activity of these parasites are everywhere: in the air, on the ground, in water bodies. Observing all norms of hygiene, eating properly and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, we do not allow the helminths to multiply. But as soon as they find a loophole in the immune system, parasites immediately begin to act.

Consider some types of worms, which in humans have to be diagnosed most often.


These parasites are considered almost the most common type of helminths penetrating the human body. Basically, they hit children, but adults do not disdain. Of particular danger to life, these white worms, reaching 6 - 7 mm in length, do not represent, but discomfort is significant. Pinworms live in the lower part of the intestine, the large intestine. To lay eggs, parasites exit through the anus. They can be recognized by severe itching and burning around the anus, in the crotch and genital area, teeth grinding during sleep, frequent bouts of diarrhea and bad breath. In some patients on the background of infection, attacks of nausea of ​​vomiting begin, and in feces impurities of blood are found out.


Scandalously famous and this kind of worms, like lamblia . These helminths are mainly parasitic in the bile ducts. The main symptoms of infection are sleep disorders, irritability, sudden mood swings, diarrhea alternating with constipation, frequent bloating, headaches, and sometimes the appearance of a rash.


Helminths live in the intestine, where they are attached to the walls of the mucosa. If they are not destroyed in time, parasites can grow to half a meter in length. Infection occurs by contact with soil or by using unwashed fruits and vegetables. The poison that round worms secrete in the process of life, penetrates into all organs. Because of this, there is weakness, dry cough, jaundice, nausea, vomiting. In some patients, there is a sharp weight loss.


A well-known species of human worms. These parasites mature in the lungs, and from there, moving around the body, enter the small intestine. Often the infection is asymptomatic. Sometimes there are signs of illness, such as sleep disorders, irritability, night cough, abdominal pain.

Tape worms

This is a large group of parasites. They can be infected by eating poorly roasted meat and fish. Helminths absorb useful substances and vitamins from the human body. This leads to digestive disorders, anemia, allergies, a sharp decrease in weight.

Drugs in tablets from all types of worms

The earlier it is possible to detect helminths, the easier it is to cope with them. Drugs that fight with helminthic invasions, there are many, and they all operate quite quickly.

Since there is no universal medicine for all types of worms, it is first necessary to determine which parasite has penetrated the body. And only after that you can choose the right drug. The most popular means are: