These animals have already tried on warm knitted sweaters!

Winter is no longer behind the mountain, which means it's time to think about a warm wardrobe.

No, this time not for yourself, but for our smaller brothers! And you thought that they did not want to spend the cold months in warmth and comfort?

Then take a look at this mime collection and make sure that the four-tailed, tailed, feathered and even reptiles with pleasure try on knitted sweats and look hilarious and even stylish in them!

1. Wow, what a sweetheart!

2. Yes this is almost a fashion show!

3. And most importantly - in the autumn colors!

4. Complete flight!

5. He definitely does not make me look fat?

6. What are the mods!

7. This you have not exactly seen!

8. A kitten named Mango likes to change sweaters every day!

9. Very unexpected!

10. Will someone risk taking it off now?

11. Do you remember the parrot Ray ? So - she already has a full wardrobe of fashionable sweaters!

12. The turtle was made to feel like a little dragon.

13. Try, catch me now!

14. Looks like she put it on!

15. The main thing that I feel warm.

16. The cat now wants exactly the same!

17. And who of you will refuse such a sweater?

18. It remains only to learn to bark rap!

19. Owners, it's time for you to think about the baby!

20. Even Lama needs warmth and comfort!

21. Is it true that pink color to my face?

22. And this is exactly from the last collection?

23. No, I did not subscribe to this ...

24. Do not forget to wake up in the spring.

25. Did someone ask my opinion?

26. Wow, what a beauty!

27. Walking walking?

28. Which of us is more beautiful?

29. Wonderful fasonchik.

30. And you thought that the chickens do not freeze?

31. Oh, what a convenient design!

32. It seems this is not my size!

33. We just have a meeting with the penguins from the second photo.

34. But I feel warm ...

35. These are the most fashionable ponies in the world!

36. Baby, but you are very well!

37. It's good that I did not make a fur coat.

38. I'm still that lady!

39. Just "loved me" the owners.

40. Green - the perfect color for redheads!