20 frames proving that the owners of the Siba Inu should always wear a camera!

Dogs of the Siba Inu breed have long been the favorites of the Net thanks to their charming and nyy exterior. Yes, these four-footed supposedly know themselves how everyone likes them, because it's so impossible to behave so coquettishly and artistically not on purpose!

Actually, we have collected for you 20 undeniable photo-evidence that if you decide to get yourself a sweetie of this breed, then you will always have a camera near you!

1. Agree, this smile can not be resisted!

2. Do you want to say, they are not specifically?

3. Each of your photos with the dog siba-inu, the level of mimicry will simply go off scale!

4. No, look, he's also teasing!

5. This kid is charming, even when angry!

6. And does not lose its attractiveness, if ... ate a bee!

7. Well, and where else have you seen so much grace?

8. Yes, yes, praise me and have more compliments ...

9. Do you feel sorry for me?

10. Master, did you capture this epic moment?

11. I bet you found the crumb of the siba-inu not the first time?

12. For representatives of this breed it's time to open a model agency!

13. No, did you see something more beautiful today?

14. Well, if so, here you are!

15. Did you know that the siba-inu sings are the best hide-and-seek players?

16. And now make sure?

17. Am I exactly the Instagram star?

18. This is not a frame, it's just a recipe!

19. Do you need someone else if you have me?

20. The owner, the camera is ready?