The best exercises for the buttocks

The buttock area is considered the most problematic among the fair sex, as it is genetically predisposed to fatty complications. In addition, the gluteus muscles are large, so bring them into tone and achieve a beautiful relief is not easy. In this case, the best exercises for round buttocks will help, which must be done regularly, and most importantly, correctly. To get good results, training alone will not be enough, since it is important to switch to proper nutrition .

The best exercises for buttocks

Let's start with some rules that should be taken into account in order to make the workouts as effective as possible:

  1. It is necessary to play sports regularly, that is, at least three times a week. It is important to note that daily loads are also undesirable, since muscle fibers need time for full recovery, so at least one day of interruption between training sessions should be.
  2. Load should be increased gradually, allowing the muscles to get used. Without this progress, you can not wait. Increase the load by increasing the number of repetitions or by using additional weight.
  3. Carrying out the best exercises for the buttocks for women, be sure to remember the right breathing, so the effort is made on exhalation, and relaxation - on inspiration. If you do not follow the rules of breathing , training will be useless.
  4. It is best to combine cardio and strength loads, which will get rid of cellulite, reduce the volume and pump muscle.

Now we will take a quick look at the best exercises for the buttocks, since it is the knowledge of the technique that will allow us to obtain good results.

  1. Squats . This is the basic basic exercise, which certainly should be included in the training to pump the buttocks. It is best to perform it with extra weight, in this case with a dumbbell, which must be taken with both hands. Keep your feet at shoulder level. Squat down, feeding the pelvis back, and lower it until the thighs reach a parallel with the floor. Make sure that your knees do not go over your socks. After this, slowly stand up, but it is better not to unbend the knees completely, keeping the load. Another option - sito squats. The difference is that the legs should be placed wider than the shoulders and slightly unfolded socks outwards.
  2. Makhi feet . To perform this exercise, stand on all fours, placing your hands on the width of your shoulders. Take your foot back, performing the swing and lifting it as high as possible, trying to reach the ceiling with the heel. Slowly return to the starting position. It is important to ensure that the back and waist do not bend, and the body remains motionless so that the load does not lose momentum. Do this best exercise for the buttocks at home first one, and then the other leg.
  3. Slanting attacks . This exercise gives a good load on the buttocks and hips. To perform it you will need dumbbells. Stand up straight, placing your hands on the width of your shoulders. Exhaling, make a lung, taking one leg back diagonally. Fall down before the hip of the front leg reaches a parallel with the floor. On inhalation, return to the initial position.
  4. Deadlift . The list of the best exercises for increasing the buttocks can not but include the deadlift that is carried out in the hall and at home. Take dumbbells with a straight grip and put your feet shoulder width apart. Lean forward, lift the pelvis up, and look forward. It is recommended to slightly bend the knees. Straighten the body, and then, again bend over, guiding the pelvis back. Do everything at a slow pace, trying to strain your muscles.