Target audience - what is it, how to identify and create a portrait of the target audience?

Target audience - in the modern age of digital technologies, the knowledge of your client in person, this is the key to successful business and building relationships. Among marketers, the analysis and segmentation of the target audience is one of the most popular services.

What is the target audience?

The concept of a target audience (CA) or target group emerged relatively recently and is a group of people united by characteristic features: age, gender, preferences, preferences or common goals and objectives. The target group is potential or real clients who are ready to change their preferences in favor of a similar product or service from another firm.

Types of target audience

Target audience is classified by marketers in different ways, there is no single, generally accepted classification. What are the target audiences:

  1. Individual consumers are the entire population of the globe.
  2. Business audience - people who have their own business, heads of organizations, units.
  3. The trading segment - individual entrepreneurs engaged in trade, refer to the business audience.
  4. Professional, scientific figures, narrow specialists - people of different professions.
  5. Civil servants - officials, employees of municipal institutions.

Segment the target audience

How to segment the target audience? This action consists of the analysis of consumers, the answer to the questions: What? Who! Why? When? Where? For example, dresses for the age group of ladies 50 - 60 years this will be a segment, men, women below this age threshold are excluded. Segmentation of CA is a tool that allows you to convey information about a product, a service to potential clients and, with a competent approach, transfer them to the category of buyers.

How to determine the target audience?

Beginning businessmen, or those who decided to postpone or expand their existing business in the virtual space of social networks are faced with the question: how to identify the target audience of the product? You can order a marketing study, but you can go on the path of self-study of their customers. Target audience, examples:

Example 1. A portrait of the target customer for a firm engaged in slimming cocktails:

  1. Uliana, 35 years old.
  2. Lives in Moscow.
  3. Married, 2 daughters.
  4. Accountant firm N.
  5. Income $ 1000 per month.
  6. Sedentary lifestyle.
  7. The working day lasts 12 hours.
  8. Needs and desires: because of the very tight schedule, there is no opportunity to eat fully and attend a fitness club, so dairy, protein slimming cocktails are the option that is optimal for Ulyana.

Example 2. Portrait of a client for a designer of unique ornaments:

  1. Yana, 40 years old.
  2. Place of residence - Samara.
  3. Married, no children.
  4. The manager on personnel of firm N.
  5. The income level is $ 600.
  6. Constant interaction with people.
  7. The working day lasts 8 hours.
  8. Needs and desires: look beautiful and special, jewelry made individually for Janu improves mood and exists in a single copy, you can safely "brag" to colleagues.

Portrait of the target audience

How to make a portrait of the target audience for promotion? The target audience is a general collective portrait of the client, focused on those services, goods that are promoted by a particular company or site. Detailed characteristics of the potential client should include the following parameters:

Target audience analysis

Correctly matched and segmented target group or audience gives a high percentage of sales or raises the rating of the site, blog, page. The well-known five questions that must be answered when determining the CA:

  1. What does the consumer acquire?
  2. Who is this potential customer?
  3. Why does he want to acquire this, what are his needs and motives?
  4. When and how often?
  5. Where? (internet, shop near the house, large supermarkets).

Answers to questions it is important to analyze and isolate the so-called core or segment corresponding to the marketing strategy. This core or cluster must contain common unifying signs (portrait of the target customer) - then a marketing concept is developed. Analysis and description of the target audience is a very painstaking work, requiring analytical thinking, the ability to compare and this is the first thing to do before launching a new project or modernizing an existing one.

How to attract the target audience

How to attract the target audience to Instagram and other popular social networks is an urgent issue for bloggers and businessmen. The huge amount spent on advertising does not always give the expected result. There are several effective ways to attract:

  1. Content-filling. Publications should be frequent, but not intrusive 3 - 4 posts a day do not cause irritation, especially if they are emotional, interesting or beautiful and essentially describe the offered goods.
  2. Video clips. In addition to text and photos - video is very interesting, you can create a video podcast on the YouTube channel.
  3. Social network. Better if you have an account in all popular social networks - this helps attract more customers.
  4. Feedback. People like it when they pay attention to their grades or comments to the post, even if they are negative, you can turn it into a plus, offering the person to make their vision of the situation, or to bring their sincere apologies, remembering to remind them of polite treatment with each other.
  5. The mutual. Invite groups in social networks or accounts to post cross-information - this method also allows you to expand your audience for the benefit of all.

Methods for studying the target audience

The target audience is potential customers who may be interested in the offered product or service. Methods for determining the target audience and its study are divided into offline and online. What is an offline study:

Online study of CA:

Relevance to the target audience

Research of the target audience is a process of gathering information, but even if the target group is defined correctly this does not guarantee the success of the promotion of goods and services or the interest of the audience in the articles of the account. Relevance - this is the correspondence or adequacy, then how much information corresponds to the search query. The relevant page is made by content, content by a certain topic, and the relevance of the audience is determined by the correct selection of parameters. For example, if the site is selling glasses, then the client's portrait should be written "wears glasses."

Promotion Instagram by target audience

How to attract the target audience in the instagram - there are some nuances that you should pay attention to. Instagram is an application of the social network Facebook, so you can unwind both accounts at once - it's very convenient. Target (relevant) audience, ways of promotion: