Symptoms of menopause in women

Climax is a natural process, meaning the extinction of female reproductive function. True, often, the onset of menopause is accompanied by such unpleasant symptoms.

The first symptoms of menopause in women

In this period, the symptoms of the female menopause depend on the functioning of the hormonal system. There is a radical restructuring of the entire female body. Sharply increases the level of luteinizing hormone, gonadotropins and follicle-stimulating hormone. At the same time, the content of estradiol and estrogen decreases.

First, the changes are almost imperceptible, until the level of cholesterol increases. Often these changes are accompanied by a lack of calcium, the bones become brittle.

The main symptoms of menopause in women

As a rule, the symptoms of menopause depend on the general condition and age of the woman. Preclimate, and this age period is about 40 years, accompanied by hot flashes and chills. Often, doctors hear complaints of headaches and blood pressure disorders. There is irritability, fatigue, depressive state. The woman lost interest in sex.

Menopause begins with the termination of the menstrual cycle. Exactly one year after this the doctor ascertains the onset of post-menopause. A woman should know what symptoms in menopause, most often, are observed in the second period.

Sex ceases to bring satisfaction, as accompanied by unpleasant and painful sensations due to the dryness of the vagina. Violation of the microflora leads to itching and burning in the perineal region. Lower immunity can lead to the development of infectious diseases. Appearance spoils the brittle and dry hair, as well as nails. The skin loses its inherent elasticity. At this time, often there is atherosclerosis of blood vessels, insomnia, nervous breakdowns. Characteristic pain in the back and in the lumbar region. Chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, disturbances in the urogenital sphere become aggravated.

Symptoms of post-menopause are quite individual. Someone can not feel almost any unpleasant sensations, someone, on the contrary, literally succumbs to internal heat, followed by cold bouts. With the cessation of the production of estragen, degradation processes can not be stopped. But, to mitigate the symptoms of menopause is likely with appropriate treatment.

Relieving symptoms of menopause

With the onset of menopause, a woman should undergo a medical examination with a gynecologist, mammologist and endocrinologist. Only after this it will be possible to choose the optimal drugs for treating menopause in a woman and reducing symptoms. Complications caused by the arrival of menopause are individual and require a separate approach in each case.

Hormone replacement therapy is recommended to begin with the first signs of the onset of menopause. In addition to the tablet form of medicines, as well as, injections, ointments, suppositories and patches are widely used. Properly selected doses will reduce discomfort and risk of developing uterine cancer. Statistics say that this kind of oncology very often develops in the climacteric period. The use of homeopathic remedies is quite effective. However, the positive result of such treatment is not as rapid as we would like.