Swimwear Florange

Designers of the famous French company Florange take care not only of the attractive appearance of their swimsuits, it is also very important for them that the thing beautifully emphasizes the figure, and therefore each Florange dressing-gown has a special design that is aimed at correcting certain defects in the figure.

Swimsuits firm Florange - models

Under the brand Florange were created 6 models of swimsuits:

  1. Celeste. This separate Florange swimsuit is designed for women with large breasts. It provides a reliable fixation of the molds thanks to a cup with a diagonal seam and a corset side on the side. White edge and star print on a dark blue background gives the swimsuit a note of playfulness and romanticism. In this swimsuit there are panties slips with a skirt.
  2. Alizee. This combined swimsuit from Florange has inside corset inserts with a silicone ribbon, which allow the swimsuit to emphasize a smooth waistline. Alizee model of rich ruby ​​color with a floral black print. This combination of colors makes the whole image dramatic. The shawls in the swimsuit are removable and presented in two forms, which allows you to modify the style.
  3. Ondina. This model relates to separate: the bodice in the form of a balconet without seams with the effect of push-up will be an excellent choice for women who want to visually adjust the shape of the breast. The shavers are removable and adjustable over the entire length. Slip panties have a classic cut. Print the model - marine, with stripes.
  4. Nerina. This model is designed for women with large breasts. The corset part of the bodice is wide, thus ensuring a reliable fixation. The length of the straps is adjustable. Slip panties have a classic cut and an average fit. Print swimsuit - geometric black and white.
  5. Amarine. This model from Florange refers to separate. The bodice with the effect of pushapa makes it possible to correct the shape of the breast. Slip panties have a classic cut and an average fit. The print is floral, multicolored.
  6. Solaine. This combined swimsuit with a sport style has an improved corset part, thanks to which the figure looks more attractive. The length of the strapless is adjustable. Cups are designed specifically for large breasts - they have darts and a wide corset inside. The combination of black, white and crimson colors harmoniously combined with this classic model.