Style lady likes in clothes

The style of a lady like that in clothes is associated, first of all, with the ceremonial exits of Hollywood stars, full of style, elegance and beauty. This phenomenon in fashion is quite new, its characteristic features are restraint in silhouettes and cuts, accurate selection of accessories and impeccability of appearance.

Lady's clothes like

The style of lady like appeared not so long ago, this modern trend is in fashion, but its roots go to the fashion of 1950-1960's. Real lady likes can be called with certainty the princess Diana, Jacqueline Kennedy , Audrey Hepburn. Among the modern stars with this style, Victoria Beckham's outfits are primarily associated. This style is followed by the first ladies of many states, who are instructed to dress womanly, but not frankly.

Lady-like clothing usually has an adjacent or semi-fitting silhouette. Tight dresses and slip skirts at the waist length may be just above the knee, but never reach the calling mini. For young girls prefer light, pastel colors, older women can afford dresses of red, black and other bright and deep colors. Lady Laik distinguishes her love for floral prints, drawings for polka dots, stripes, goose paws. Popular dresses are cases and pants of classic cut, pleated skirts. To modernize the appearance, girls dressed in this style, put on top of the dresses modern jackets and cardigans.

Shoes and accessories

Shoes for ladies must also look as elegant and discreet as possible. Basically, these girls prefer classic boat shoes and shoes with a round nose on the heel, often quite high, on a thin hairpin. Boots should have the most elegant shoe. It is also worth paying attention to the material - it must necessarily be high-quality leather or suede of low-key color scheme.

Accessories for girls like lady play a crucial role: they complete the image and give it a glamor and the necessary perfection. So, in the wardrobe of such a fashionable woman there should be an extensive selection of scarves and scarves made of silk and chiffon. With their help, the girl will be able to create a single image, to support the print on one of the main things, to show a thin graceful neck. Also in the ladies wardrobe there must be at least one quality large bag of rigid form and several clutches for evening outings. Of the jewelry is better to choose refined gizmos of classical shapes, costume jewelry should be made very high quality and accurate, so that it can be worn in conjunction with jewelry.