Office style - 44 photos of fashionable women's images for every taste

For the fair sex, who spend most of their time at work, the office style becomes extremely relevant. With the right selection of wardrobe items, the onion can turn out not only strict, but also incredibly stylish and elegant.

Dress code - office style

In many companies, the office style of dressing requires a strict dress code, but there are organizations in which some deviation from the general rules is allowed. The basic requirements for the selection of wardrobe items are as follows:

  1. Skirts and dresses should have a length that ends at the level of the knee, it can vary slightly higher or lower, however the strongly shortened mini are not allowed.
  2. As for the length of the pants, the classic option is the one that reaches the middle of the heel. However, modern fashion includes shortened versions, ending at the mid-ankle level.
  3. Preferred trousers are straight cut, allowed and moderately narrowed models, it is necessary to exclude too tight-fitting. Look good with styles with arrows or flared options.
  4. In some companies on the last day of the working week, jeans are allowed, there are also businesses where they can be worn every day. In this case, they must necessarily fit into the overall office style, the advantage is given to products of direct cut.
  5. A perfect addition to the image will be laconic shirts or blouses, on top of which you can wear fitted or loose jackets or jackets. For a cool season, elegant single-color sweaters, blouses, cardigans .

Office Style 2018

Many eminent couturiers use in their collections an office style of clothes for girls 2018. It is characterized by such characteristic features:

  1. Following the traditions of classics. This is expressed in the application of a conservative laconic cut, the absence of unnecessary details, the exclusion of shiny elements, such as rhinestones, sequins.
  2. Office strict style excludes the presence of deep decollete and cutouts, transparent inserts, too shortened length.
  3. Increased emphasis is placed on the quality of products, for their cutting, mainly natural fabrics are used.
  4. Advantage in the coloring is given to the basic traditional tones, such as black, gray, dark blue, white, beige. If desired, designers complement them with restrained unobtrusive prints.

Office style for women

In fashion collections, the office style 2018 for women is represented by numerous wardrobe items, which include:

Dress in office style

One of the most feminine items of business wardrobe are dresses in office style. In the fashion designer collections there are such variations of their design:

Skirt in office style

A perfect solution to complement the trendy office style will be the skirts of all kinds of styles. When choosing them, the following recommendations should be taken into account:

Shorts in office style

The newest fashion trends include in the office style of clothing for women 2018, not only the pants, skirts and dresses that are familiar to everyone, but also such an informal wardrobe item as shorts. In this case, the models must meet certain requirements, which are as follows:

Blouses in office style

A variety of blouses perfectly complement the modern office style of clothing for women. You can note such variations in their design:

Sarafan in office style

Another feminine thing that will complement the office style for girls is sarafan. It is characterized by such distinctive features:

Female suit in office style

Many women prefer to supplement the strict office style with a suit. It can be executed in such variations:

Office style for complete

Owners of magnificent forms will be able to practically limit themselves in nothing and use the office style for the full girls. It is characterized by such features:

Shoes in office style

Harmonious addition to any outfit will be shoes, office style makes them particularly strict requirements, which are as follows:

  1. Heels are reasonably associated with elegance and femininity, however, to go to the office you need to pay great attention to their choice. They should not be too high, the ideal solution will be the middle heel. It can be either broad, stable or narrow, like a hairpin.
  2. Office clothing for girls suggests that you can use sandals for the summer season, but a prerequisite is that the area of ​​the toe and heel should be closed.
  3. The most popular models are boat shoes with a hairpin or a wider heel.
  4. For the autumn-spring and winter seasons boots, boots, ankle boots on an average heel, a wedge or a small platform will do.

Manicure in office style

Compliance with the dress code requires creating the appropriate nail design, office style should be harmoniously supplemented. To do this, such variations of nail art are suitable:

Make-up in office style

Creating an office style for women, it is important that every detail looked organically. This takes into account the application of makeup, which should fit into the overall image, for which it is recommended to take into account such moments: