Strawberry jelly - recipe

Jelly is an original, unusual and very tasty dessert, from which no one can refuse. Especially its preparation does not take away from you a lot of time and effort, but only will surprise and pamper the whole family with new flavors and flavors.

For the preparation of jelly, you can use not only fresh berries, but even strawberry jam. Such jelly will perfectly suit both simply as a dessert for usual use, and for filling in cakes, pies or rolls.

Let's not waste time and prepare with you this delicious summer strawberry delicacy.

The recipe for strawberry jelly



How to cook strawberry jelly? So, in a small bowl, mix the washed, processed strawberries with sugar, put it on a water bath and cook for 30 minutes, until the juice is not extracted from the berries. Then gently strain the strawberry mass through a sieve. In another bowl we put gelatin, pour it with boiled cold water and leave it swollen for about 5 minutes. Now combine gelatin with syrup and mix thoroughly, and then filter again. We pour out a lot of kremankam, or small molds, and remove it for several hours in the refrigerator until the jelly is completely solidified.

Also, non-frozen jelly can be used to prepare jelly cakes , or other desserts using gelatin.

Jelly from strawberry jam



How to make strawberry jelly? Gelatin put in a bowl, pour cold boiled water and let it brew and a little swell for an hour. In the meantime, the jam is diluted with hot water and gently strained into a separate bowl, putting the berries apart on a plate, and add a little sugar to the resulting syrup. We put mass on the fire, wait, while she boils, and then cool it to a temperature of about 50 degrees.

We also put the bowl with gelatin on the fire and dissolve it, not bringing it to a boil and stirring occasionally.

Now gently combine gelatin with water and jam, mix well. At the bottom of each mold spread the berries, pour the prepared mixture and remove the strawberry jelly for 5 hours in the refrigerator until completely hardened. Before serving, decorate the dessert with whipped cream.

The prepared dessert can be eaten both on the day of preparation, and on the second and even the third day, as it is perfectly stored in the refrigerator, preserving its taste qualities.

Enjoy your meal!