Star fever and celebrities suffering from stellar illness

Everyone at least once heard the term "stellar disease", but not everyone can give him the characteristic, to name the symptoms and methods of treatment. Meanwhile, many famous personalities and their environment suffer from this personality disorder bordering megalomania.

What is the stellar disease?

Star disease is a psychological concept, representing a deformation of a person, which has an overestimated attitude towards oneself and a distorted one - to reality. The reason for such changes are successes in any field: show business, literature, science, medicine, etc. The syndrome manifests itself as a social disadaptation and leads to the degradation of the individual.

Star disease - psychology

From the point of view of psychology, this pathology by manifestation is very similar to narcissistic disorder, which means: stellar illness is an unhealthy manifestation of personality leading to problems in communication. Some psychologists identify the concepts of "narcissism" and "stellar illness", the signs of which are similar. The desire for self-realization and the search for new knowledge is normal, and the neurotic manifestation of this need is expressed in the following motives:

The cause of stellar disease

Not only show business suffers from star-sickness, but also ordinary people from many different areas. For example, an ambitious office worker, a practicing doctor, or the best student of a university can "zaze". At the heart of all deviations lies the incorrectly formed self-worth of a person. In the absence of an inner support, spiritual emptiness and loneliness are formed, and the person feels the need for external supports. We can name the following reasons for the deformation of a person:

Signs of stellar disease in humans

If a person feels unique and proves it all, there is a stellar illness, the symptoms of which are manifested very quickly and easily. The signs are:

Star disease - treatment

A patient with a psychological illness, as a rule, does not recognize his presence, as well as "zazvezdivshiysya" does not see a problem in his behavior. But others are suffering and are trying to understand how to get rid of stellar illness. A person must be lowered from his pedestal, but it is important to act carefully. Specialists believe that it is necessary to fight the manifestations of narcissism only through psychotherapy. But there are proven "folk" methods for treating stellar illness.

  1. A new motivation when other goals are put before the person.
  2. Increase the complexity of the task.
  3. The method of the whip, that is, punishment for violation of the behavioral model.
  4. From heaven to earth - when the employee's upturned nose is transferred to a lower position.
  5. Limitation of the sphere of influence, isolation.

Celebrity Illness

Star disease in celebrities - a frequent phenomenon. Public people, who "spoiled the glory", regularly become participants in unpleasant incidents, showing themselves not on the best side. Under the influence of popularity, young talents turn into rebels, alcoholics, drug addicts, brawlers and bring producers to their whims. Among the young celebrities who were spoiled by star fever: Justin Bieber, Lindsay Lohan, Robert Pattinson, McCauley Culkin. Of Russian stars, you can distinguish such conceited people as:

  1. Philip Kirkorov . From his aggression and whims suffered, and show business workers, and outsiders. After in 2010 the singer slapped the assistant director's assistant, he declared himself crazy and went away to rest abroad.
  2. Philip Kirkorov

  3. Yury Antonov . The esteemed artist incorrectly refers to his surroundings (journalists, assistants), can force himself to wait a long time and break down on his subordinates.
  4. Yury Antonov

  5. Irina Allegrova . A singer with imperial habits is often in a bad mood and behaves badly with fans, allowing them to raise their voices and criticize them for any liberty (for example, flash of a camera).
  6. Irina Allegrova

  7. Maxim . Young, but possessing high self-esteem, the singer regularly demonstrates masculine habits and at home, and during performances. In 2010, her concert in Anapa was canceled, as the star did not like the sound engineer's panel.

Singer Maxim

Star disease is capable of becoming the final point of a career, destroying or significantly complicating personal life. If the problem is identified, it must be dealt with immediately, until a slight touch of "star" has developed into a serious psychic deviation. A person who has placed himself above others will inevitably have to face reality and realize that his status is much lower.