Skirt with collars

In the 80s of the 20th century, the folds on the skirt were characteristic for models up to the knee. Modern fashion offers a variety of lengths - from mini to maxi. So girls with any figure have a lot to choose from.

Features of a fashionable pleated skirt

Counter folds can be seen on such models as a skirt-pencil, a skirt-tulip, a skirt-ballon. A skirt with a fold in front or in the back, most often has a straight cut, and on broader skirts, folds can be laid all over the cloth.

The skirt with a counter fold in front looks very interesting and fits well to women with the figure "apple". It will attract attention to slender legs and distract from an imbalance between the upper and lower parts of the trunk. You can even choose a short option.

A long skirt with collar folds will look great on slender and tall girls.

With what to wear a skirt with counter folds?

The fold can be quite diverse - broad and narrow, stitched from the middle of the thigh or from the waist. Several options for the harmonious inclusion of similar models in the look:

  1. Skirts of light fabric are combined with tops of the same material. On legs it is better to put on sandals on a hairpin or a heel.
  2. A straight skirt with a pleat in the front is often used to create office suits in combination with a white shirt , blouse and jacket. A more extravagant image is obtained if you put on a translucent blouse and a strict jacket.
  3. Undoubtedly, the classic of the genre is a set of a skirt with a fold and a turtleneck.
  4. If you are young, then you can afford to be a little schoolgirl. School style embodies a plaid skirt with pleats, a monophonic shirt with a tie and knee socks.
  5. Since designers offer skirts with a fold in various materials, including leather, knitted, they can be combined with pullovers and sweaters.