Signs of addiction

Addiction is not a disease in the usual sense of the word, but it is a total defeat of the person, besides, on the part of health it is accompanied by complications. This means that the addict is gradually becoming mentally unbalanced. In addition, he gradually loses his family, friends, remains without work and falls into a criminal environment.

Signs of addiction:

What symptoms can indicate that a person uses drugs?

In addition, every addict has health problems. Most often they have problems with sleep, as well as a runny nose, coughing, blood pressure jumps, stomach upsets. Drug addicts lag behind in development. Their hair becomes brittle, the complexion has an earthy tinge.

Diagnosis of drug addiction is quite a difficult task because of the large type of narcotic drugs, and also some drugs are eliminated from the body within a few hours. Often the result of treatment depends on the accuracy of the diagnosis. The main criteria are the violation of behavior and the physical condition of a person.

Signs of using some drugs

Opium addiction is one of the dangerous forms of drug addiction. She is accompanied by the following diseases, kick hepatitis and HIV infection. All drugs are dangerous, but opium addiction is destructive. She, like others, the kind of drugs, pushes a person to a crime in search of the next dose. With opium addiction, a person exists from a dose to a dose, because if he does not take the drug, a breakdown will occur.

The opium addict is drowsy. His speech is slow, the words are stretched, they say the same thing several times. In the state of drug intoxication, the person is calm, good-natured. The first sign is that the pupil does not expand (narrow), that is, does not respond to light. The skin is pale, but the lips are reddened and may be swollen. Reduced pain sensitivity.

Hashish addiction - the periodic smoking of hashish for some time does not cause psychic dependence, and also there is no suspicion in associates. Problems arise with frequent use of hashish. The first signs of dependence appear in a month, there is a breakdown and drowsiness, as well as, increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, headaches. The hashish addict eliminates all this and returns vivacity by smoking hash.

If almost daily to smoke hashish during the course of three to six months, the mental manifestations of breaking become more pronounced. Instead of drowsiness, insomnia comes. Breaking is supplemented by depression.

Heroin addiction is one of the most powerful drugs, in nature heroin does not exist, it is obtained from morphine in a synthetic way. Heroin is toxic and several times stronger than morphine for narcotic effect, addictive causes many times faster. Enough three to five methods and a month later begins the second stage of drug dependence. Independently it is impossible to get away from dependence, and the breaking becomes horrifying, such that the body tears to pieces, eyes pop out of the orbits, everything in the fog, the stomach shrills with piercing pain and so on.

Addiction, no matter how terrible it was, to help a dependent person regain freedom and the joy of life, without drugs it is still possible. Addiction can be defeated.