Self-weighting for weight loss

Self-expression is a psychological influence on oneself, suggestion of certain thoughts, feelings, desires and perceptions. We will not discuss here whether autosuggestion is for weight loss or for another purpose, let's just recall a few examples from life that will prompt us the correct answer. For example, preparing for an important meeting at work, you are mentally scrolling in the head of the meeting, and imagine the success and signing a contract with business partners. And about the miracle, everything happens as you imagined. Did you have this? Or, for example, as a child, you did not want to go to school very much the day you went to the math checklist. And about a miracle, you're sick! And they did not pretend to their parents, but really got sick and did not go to school.

These examples from life are the self-suggestion. The real impact, work and positive result of auto-suggestion was repeatedly experimentally proved. Every day we come across this amazing psychological remedy, but for some reason not everyone uses it to fulfill their desires. Self-expression works for any of your purposes - and for losing weight, and for personal life and for material prosperity.

How to lose weight with the help of auto-suggestion?

Just note that you can hardly lose weight by just one self-hypnosis. After all, to solve any serious problem, a complex of tools and methods is always required. So in our case, if we decided to do our appearance, our figure, self-hypnosis should be combined with diet and exercise.

So, to begin with, you need to remember any situation in life in which your strongest desire and result coincided surprisingly.

And now transfer that strong desire from the past - when you wanted (or did not want) something with all the fibers of the soul, at the moment, the moment when it's time to remove the extra pounds. This will be the first step towards harmony through self-suggestion. After you have excited the strongest desire to have a beautiful figure, think about how this desire to support from day to day. In this you will be helped by expressions and phrases that you write down on paper and learn by heart. The main thing is that any expression should carry positive energy and not contain negations (particles "not").

For example, "I'm slender and beautiful." "I will definitely lose weight. I'm already starting to grow thin. "Repeat these positive expressions every day as many times as you can. And be sure to pronounce them when you start to fall asleep.


The process of losing weight with the help of autosuggestion will help and such an original method, which is called the "lifebuoy". In your apartment or house, choose a place where you are comfortable and comfortable sitting alone. You can, for example, take out a chair on the balcony and put it in a corner. Every day, for 2 weeks, sit in this place in a good mood, when you are not bothered by anything, and imagine in imagination some paradise picture. For example, you, slender, handsome and attractive person, go along the shore of the emerald ocean on white warm sand, holding the hand of your loved one, the sun is shining, you are happy, you are very well ... etc. etc. Sit in your corner for a few minutes, enjoy your pictures in your thoughts, and then calmly get up and start doing your own things.

After a two-week training of your imagination, your secluded place will become for you a lifeline. How? It's simple - when your diet will stand in your throat, when the word "self-hypnosis" you will be angry and react inadequately, that is, when you are on the verge of failure, and will think about throwing ... just go to your secluded place and sit there a few minutes. Believe me, the result will be staggering.

And the last thing, self-hypnosis for weight loss will work only with those people who are serious about their health and their desires. No self-hypnosis and no hypnosis will help you, if it is not for you to go your action, action in relation to the goal. "How long shall we wait for happiness from heaven? If you wait, that's a long time! "

Take Action! And all of you will definitely succeed!