Rules of the game of baseball

Baseball is an incredibly interesting and exciting sports game, in which 2 teams of 9 or 10 people take part. This entertainment is suitable for adults and children of different ages who are happy to run around the playing field and try to collect as many "jogs" as possible.

This term, as well as all the other rules of the game of baseball, starting a player may seem incomprehensible and complex. However, if you understand them, there should not be any difficulties even for the smallest boys and girls. In this article, we'll figure out how to play baseball, give the basic rules of this fun, and find out how long this wonderful game lasts.

Baseball Rules for Beginners

The game of baseball is carried out on a special platform, reminiscent of a sector. Its rays diverge at right angles and divide the entire territory into two zones - the inner one, called the infield, and the outer one, called the outfield. At the corners of the inner part of the field there are bases around which all action takes place.

One of the bases at the beginning of the game is declared a home. The rest are numbered from the house counter-clockwise. From the same part of the playing field go off special lines, called the phal-lines. According to the conditions of the game, the ball must not fly for them, otherwise the match ceases immediately, and the position of the fan-ball is declared.

Briefly the rules of playing baseball look like this:

  1. Before the game begins, by lot or by other means, the teams determine which one will play in the attack and which one will be in defense. In the future these roles will alternate. The team that is currently attacking, is trying to earn as many points as possible, while the team of rivals is to prevent it from doing so.
  2. The goal of the attacking team is as follows: its participants need to run through all the bases, and then return to the house. The task of those who defend themselves is to send out at least 3 players of the opposing team. As soon as this happens, players change places - now those who defended are forced to attack, and vice versa.
  3. All participants of the attack team are distributed on the playing field according to the following scheme:
  4. In this case, the role and task of each of them is strictly defined. So, "batter" is near the house with a bat in their hands. He needs to go at least to the first base, and also give the opportunity to other players of his team to run from one base to another. In the event that the batter was able to strike an accurate blow to the ball, he should throw a bat and as fast as possible to run through all or at least a few bases (from now on this player gets the role of a runner). After that, the batter becomes another player, and the game begins again.

    Thus, during the game in the role of batter will have to visit all the players from the attack team. The task of each of them - alternately beat the ball bat and gradually move from base to base. In the event that the attack team has coped, it is awarded 1 point.

  5. For the defense team in the middle of the field an earthen embankment or a hill is organized. On it is a pitcher - the main player performing the pitch. His task is to throw the ball with a bat so that he gets into the strike-zone, that is, flying no lower than the knee and not above the armpit of the batter:
  6. If the batter for any reason could not repel the serve, he is counted the strike. After 3 strikes, this player is sent out.
  7. The remaining participants are located in close proximity to each base. Their task is to throw the ball at the attacking player to prevent them from fulfilling the goal.
  8. The time of playing baseball is unlimited and not fixed. The game ends when each team is 9 times in defense and attack. The winner is determined by the number of points received. Typically, the duration of the game is from 2 to 3 hours.

Of course, this is just a summary of the rules of the game of baseball. In fact, this fun is really complicated, but if you want to understand its features, even a child can.

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