Review of the book "Deep, deep into the ocean," Sarah Yoon

Modern work of the child to surprise with a book-coloring, good, they are represented on the market a huge variety, ranging from the most "baby", ending with older anti-stress. But the coloring "Deep, deep into the ocean" by the South Korean artist Sarah Yun of the publishing house MYTH is one of those that are worth mentioning.

About the publication

The first thing that catches your eye - the inscription on the cover - "the longest coloring of 5+ meters." And yes, this coloring, folded accordion, can indeed be decomposed into the entire length of the room, even capturing the corridor (checked by a Khrushchev).

As for the publication itself, even in such a simple matter as printing a coloring, the level of publishing is felt. The book is quite large non-standard format 345x220x4 mm, in a soft cover, but thick enough to protect sheets from crushing. In the hands to hold nice, no foreign smells.

The book itself

Inside you will find the accordion sheets folded together. They are quite dense, designed for multiple unfolding and decoration. The print is clear, very detailed. The coloring goes really deep into the sea world, immersing it on the bottom, acquainting you with unusual creatures and marine inhabitants, as well as fabulous buildings.

The book does not have to be laid out to the full length, you can turn over the accordion sheets as needed.

Who is recommended?

I would recommend this book to children from 5 to 99 years old (adults also will not be prevented by anti-stress therapy). As for children, she will certainly be interested in even the most restless child, helping to develop motor skills and perseverance.

Of the minuses, I can only note my own fear that the child can tear the sheets, trying to open the coloring independently, and also the pages that are too smooth - you can paint the pictures only with felt-tip pens.

Tatyana, the boy's mother is 6 years old