Ravioli with chicken

Ravioli , like other types of Italian pasta, are very popular. Such an extensive demand is due not only to their tremendous taste, but also to the ease of cooking and the possibility of harvesting for future use. Using the recipes further, you will free yourself from unnecessary kitchen troubles for a long time.

Ravioli with chicken and sweet potatoes

You, of course, can give preference to standard flavors and prepare ravioli with mushrooms and chicken, but we want to pay attention to original recipes, like the following.



We begin with the test. Ravioli are prepared from the usual pasta dough, which you can cook, just by mixing the flour, eggs, salt and olive oil together. Tight dough is then put in a bag and left in the cold for half an hour.

We bake sweet potato tubers until soft, and then grind them in mashed potatoes and combine them with fried minced meat from chicken and onion greens. A little salt and pepper also do not interfere.

Roll the dough into two thin layers: one spread the filling, and the second we cover it and tightly compress the edges so that there is no air. Cut the ravioli into squares and boil until cooked in salted water.

Note that if you failed to purchase sweet potatoes, repeat its sweetish taste and cream texture will help pumpkin. Ravioli with chicken and pumpkin are also served with an abundance of butter and onion greens.

Ravioli with chicken and sweet pepper



Sweet pepper bake whole, peel and core, and pulp whisk in mashed potatoes. Chicken fry until cooked with spinach, so that all the excess moisture evaporated. Mix the chicken with pepper puree, two kinds of cheese and spices in the form of garlic and dried herbs. Roll out the dough for the ravioli, put the stuffing in it, carefully splice the edges and boil the pasta in salted boiling water. Serve with melted butter and tomato sauce.