Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee

The first true love of the sexual blonde Pamela Anderson became a famous rock singer named Tommy Lee, this actress has repeatedly spoken in her numerous interviews for popular public publications. Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee have always been in the spotlight, due to a particularly turbulent and vivid relationship.

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee - a love story in a million

Such a smart woman as Pamela Anderson simply could not be deprived of men's attention. As soon as the girl got into the show business, at her feet immediately turned out to be musicians, directors and talented actors. Recalculate all the novels of Pamela is quite difficult, since most of them blonde did not advertise. However, it is known for sure that Sylvester Stallone , John Peters, Dean Kane and many other famous guys visited the embrace of the magnificent beauty.

That's why in 1995, Pamela Anderson shocked her fans with the news of marriage. Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, whose wedding was held on the fourth day after the acquaintance, took such a decision, being drugged with love and drugs. However, these relations definitely made them happy. It is interesting that before Pamela repeatedly heard similar suggestions from her other knights, but only a charismatic rock musician managed to steal her heart.

Tommy Lee, husband of Pamela Anderson, is known as a drummer of a rock band called Motley Crew, which was once very popular. The talented blonde immediately fell in love with a strong and confident man. However, their relationship history was not perfect, Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee became quite eccentric couple. Despite the marriage for love, the actress continued to succumb to temptations with other men and did not try to remain faithful to her beloved rock musician. Tommy Lee could hardly be called an exemplary husband, but he was noted for his wild jealousy and violent disposition, for which he did not forgive Pamela for treason and could quietly beat the frail girl.

In the press, there was always information about scandals in the star family, but sooner or later everything returned to its places. On the Internet, even a frank erotic video with their participation appeared, which is still freely available. Between Tommy and Pamela there was an unrestrained and unquenchable passion that fueled their relationship after quarrels. However, this could not continue for long, the divorce of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee was inevitable. This is exactly what happened in 1998. Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee divorced three years after the marriage. The eccentric lovers have two sons: Brandon Thomas was born in 1996, and also Dylan Jagger Lee - in 1997.

Despite the official break, the audience has long seen them together. No one was surprised by the fact that in 1999 the former spouses resumed their relations, but their union finally disintegrated after a year. Six years later Pamela Anderson married the second time for another rock musician named Kid Rock. The third actress's husband was already the popular film producer Rick Salomon.

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At present, according to Pamela Anderson, he and Tommy Lee are in close friendly relations, which very much help them to bring up two sons. In October 2015, Pamela took part in the 35th gala dinner of PETA, which was also granted to her ex-husband. Despite the fact that Tommy Lee arrived at the event with a charming companion, journalists could not but note the tenderness and warmth with which Pamela and the rock musician met each other.