Nursing Bra

Breastfeeding is a very important process for the health of your baby. To make your life easier at this time, a woman needs to choose the right linen to feed her baby. Many young mothers transfer their baby to the mixture, because they are frightened by breast augmentation, constant leakage of milk and the need to wear an uncomfortable large bra. But in modern society it is not necessary. Yes, indeed, the chest greatly increases in size, but this phenomenon is temporary. And to more easily survive this period, you need to choose the right bra for feeding. It is very different from the usual ones and must meet certain basic rules.

How does the bra for feeding differ from usual?

Features of a bra for feeding:

  1. It should be elastic, as during the day the breast of the nursing mother increases or decreases, and the squeezing of the milk ducts is very harmful to health.
  2. It is advisable to choose a bra without pits, since they can pinch the breast and interfere with the flow of milk.
  3. The braces of this bra should be wide, with the possibility to adjust their length. When fitting, make sure that they do not fall down and do not hit the body.
  4. Lingerie for nursing must be made of natural materials. No matter how much talk about the safety of synthetics, but the skin in it does not breathe and sweat, sweat mixes with milk and it can cause irritation.
  5. It is especially important that the cups are soft and seamless. Each seam can squeeze the ducts and interfere with the progress of milk.
  6. Cups should be such that you can put in them special pads or containers for collecting milk.
  7. Choose a bra so that you can unfasten the buckle with one hand, as in the other you will have a baby.
  8. In addition, the proper nursing bra should support the breast well, helping it to take the optimum position for a better milk supply.

How to choose a bra for feeding?

But even if a young mother knows how to choose a bra for feeding, it still needs to be measured. Do it better in the last month of pregnancy. But it should be borne in mind that after the birth the breast will increase slightly in size, and after a few months it will decrease.

Therefore, it is desirable to buy a few bras. And, despite the abundance of criteria for their choice, the main thing is to orient yourself towards a woman - so that she is comfortable. He should not push and jump when raising his hands up, and straps should not fall down or crash into the body. When buying underwear, pay attention to special clothes for feeding , so that nothing hampers you during an important process.