Naked dogs - features of exotic breeds

Naked or bald dogs are represented by a small group of rocks with an exotic appearance. They lead their history from prehistoric years and at all times find fans around the world. Unusual appearance and almost complete absence of hassle with the care of them make them in demand by domestic pets. Warm and pleasant to the touch, they never smell of dog, do not have problems with hair and parasites and are good friends for people.

Bare dog breeds

The name of bald dogs is associated with the lack of a wool cover. The origin of dogs without wool is covered with secrets and legends. Until now, it has not been established exactly whether they appeared on all continents due to a similar mutation or were spread from one continent to all others. Be that as it may, the most common version of the dog handlers says: the loss of wool was associated with a high temperature of the environment, which suggests that they are of African descent.

American Naked Terrier

This breed appeared in the 70s of the last century due to a natural genetic mutation. Then in one American family of breeders from the rat-terrier the first bald puppy was born, the only one with no hair in the whole litter. Then followed a series of attempts to repeat the results of such a crossing. As a result, the breed was spread, and today there are 2 of its varieties - miniature and medium-sized.

American Nude Terrier - short description:

Chinese Bald Crested Dog

Its name was given to the Chinese naked dog due to, firstly, the place of origin (it is believed that it was bred in ancient China), and secondly, the catchy tuft, which is its main feature. The dog initially belonged to the status dog, since it was brought only by grandees and other well-to-do and titled individuals, trying to emphasize their position in society.

Characteristic features that have the naked dogs of the Chinese crested breed:

Peruvian Bald Dog

There are several versions of how this dog got to Peru - whether with Chinese immigrants, or with African immigrants. Be that as it may, there is evidence that this elegant and graceful dog appeared before our era. In the modern world there are 3 varieties of Peruvian bald dogs - small (up to 40 cm and 8 kg), medium (up to 50 cm and 12 kg) and large (up to 60 cm and 23 kg). A representative of this breed of naked dogs can be given the following description:

African Naked Dog

This ancient breed was originally cultivated for edible purposes, that is, for meat. Later, they began to use it for hunting, as it was noticed that it perfectly keeps the track of saigas for a long time. The African bald dog in its characteristics resembles a terrier:

Mexican Hairless Dog

Another name for it is xoloitzcuintle. Homeland is Mexico, where the found mummies and clay sculptures of the representatives of the breed date back to 5000-3000 years BC. In translation, the ancient name of the breed is translated literally as a slave (servant) of the god Xolotl, the Aztec sun god. There are 3 varieties of dogs - Mexican bald mini dog with sizes up to 25-30 cm, medium - 35-45 cm and standard - 45-60 cm.

Features of Mexican bald dogs:

Ecuadorian Naked Dog

The rarest dogs in the modern world are Ecuadorian. You can meet them only in a few distant Ecuadorian villages. Information about the representatives of the breed is not enough. It is well known that this little bald dog is very smart and energetic. On her body there is very little wool, even in comparison with the rest of the bald breeds. She lives on average about 12 years.

Manchu Naked Dog

As such, the breed, called the naked Manchu dog dog experts do not recognize. It belongs to one of the varieties of Chinese crested. Its name is due to the fact that its representatives are often found in China, in the mountainous region of Manchuria. The local people call it "tai-tai". Outwardly and in character, the dog is very similar to the Chinese crested dog. It does not have a characteristic canine smell, it is not threatened by fleas and it is completely hypoallergenic.

Egyptian bald dog

The way the bald dogs of this breed are called (eg Egyptian or Pharaoh) hints at their origin. But in fact they are not from Egypt at all, but from Malta. Egyptian they became because of external resemblance to the images of the pharaohs with their protruding ears. Bald they are also not entirely correct, because they have a very short coat that is close to the skin, which is almost invisible. Although the dog has an intelligent look, in fact it is stupid and almost resistant to training.

Naked dogs - care

Do not think that if dogs do not have wool, then they do not need to take care of them. Everyone, even the most bald dogs, needs some care:

  1. Due to the lack of hair, their skin is prone to weathering, peeling, especially in extreme heat. Therefore, for prevention, it is recommended to lubricate its surface with special creams or just a baby hypoallergenic cream. Vegetable oils for this purpose can not be used because of the risk of getting a body burn.
  2. Naked dogs have excellent immunity. Nevertheless, they need vaccination and periodic examination of the veterinarian.
  3. The absence of some teeth, as a characteristic feature of bald dogs, makes them more demanding to eat. Chew hard and large food is difficult, because it is better to give a softened dry food, minced meat, small pieces of meat.
  4. Do not be afraid to take the naked dog out for a walk, even if it's cold outside. Absence of wool can be compensated with overalls . Fresh air and walking walks are necessary for them to be seasoned and healthy.