Movies about teenage pregnancy

Pregnancy is a special time for a woman. For someone, this is a long-awaited event, which the couple has been waiting for and preparing for it in advance. But sometimes it happens that the realization that a woman is going to become a mother does not cause joy. It happens when a teenage girl becomes pregnant.

Movies about teenage pregnancy

Many problems of modern society rise in the cinema. Looking through the films, people get into the plot, analyze, reflect and draw their conclusions. Because it's good that you can list a whole list of films about pregnant teenagers.

These pictures remind more of an adult generation of the existence of such a problem and make you think about it. Unfortunately, the cases when a schoolgirl becomes pregnant are not single. Often the girl remains alone with the situation and it is at this time that she needs the support of adults more than ever.

Because, on the one hand, movies about pregnant teenagers, will help the older generation understand how necessary it is for girls to participate. And on the other hand, the movie will remind adults of how important it is to pay attention to the prevention of such a problem. It can include:

Understanding from parents and educators and their indifference to the problems of the younger generation, should help reduce the incidence of pregnancies among adolescents.

For teenagers, such films also provide food for thought. Teenagers can see firsthand what will happen, if not protect themselves, with what problems can be encountered and what consequences they expect.

It is worth mentioning an approximate list of films about teen pregnancy that are worth seeing:

  1. American film "Juneau" will tell about a pregnant high school student who is looking for foster parents for her future baby;
  2. "17 girls" - a film whose story is based on real events, is based on the story of a pregnant schoolgirl who encouraged other young girls to follow her example;
  3. "The contract for pregnancy" tells about why in one of the schools a lot the number of girls almost simultaneously proved to be pregnant;
  4. "Treasure" - a film about a schoolgirl from an unhappy family that expects a second child, the fate of the girl is full of difficulties and troubles.

These films clearly demonstrate the urgency and urgency of the problem. And show how important it is for teenagers to have a rapport with those around them.

But if you want to relax and watch a good movie with a happy ending, then you can pay attention to one of the Russian films about a teenage pregnancy, called "Believe! Everything will be fine!".