Melania Trump told where she wants to spend Christmas

After Donald Trump won in the presidential election, his family is riveted a lot of attention. As, probably, many fans of the presidential couple guessed, most of the media now write about both Donald himself and his wife Melania, who, incidentally, almost every day gives reasons for this. Yesterday, for example, Melania visited the National Children's Hospital, and then appeared at a reception in the White House, which was dedicated to the upcoming Hanukkah.

Melania Trump

Melania in the Children's Hospital of Washington

Yesterday, Mrs. Trump began with the fact that she went to a children's hospital in Washington. The tradition to visit this clinic was established many years ago, when Jacqueline Kennedy first came to the National Hospital and publicly communicated with small patients. Melania decided not to violate this custom and arrived to communicate with the guys in a beautiful white suit, which consisted of a turtleneck and a pencil skirt with a small incision in front. The first lady of the US decided to add to this ensemble a snow-white coat and high-heeled shoes with a snake print. If we talk about the hair and makeup, then Melania remained true to herself: the woman's hair dissolved, and on her face you could see a low-key make-up with a focus on the eyes.

Melania visited the National Children's Hospital

As for the program of the evening, in which Melanie, Santa Claus and patients of the hospital took part, at the very beginning, Ms. Trump read a popular book for the children called the Polar Express. After that, a small press conference took place, in which small patients could ask the first lady of the United States the questions they were interested in.

Melania read the book "Polar Express"

One of the first who dared to speak with Melania, was Andy, ten, asking the woman about where she wanted to spend Christmas. Melanie answered this question as follows:

"If it was in my power, I would have taken my whole family to a deserted island and spent all the holidays there. However, this year my dream will not come true. As expected, our family will visit the service on the occasion of Christmas, and after that go home, unpack gifts from Santa Claus. "
Melania in a meeting with hospital patients

After that, Mrs. Trump was asked about what kind of gift she would like to receive on the occasion of this wonderful holiday:

"You know, my gift, which I would like for Christmas, can not be packed in a box. For me, it would be a great happiness if peace came on our planet, all people would be healthy and live in kindness, love. "
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Melania at the evening on the occasion of the coming Hanukkah

After visiting the National Children's Hospital, Ms. Trump returned to the White House and prepared to participate in the festive evening dedicated to the future Hanukkah. This time Melanie could be seen in the chic long black dress of a fitted silhouette. Hairstyle and makeup the first lady of the United States did not change and appeared in the same image as in the morning.

Donald and Melania Trump at the party on the occasion of Chanukah
At the celebration there were Donald and Melania Trump, Atkazhe Ivanka with her husband and children

In addition to Melania and her husband Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump took part in the celebration with her husband Jared Kushner and three of her children. Those fans who are familiar with this family know that before marriage Ivanka adopted Judaism. At this evening, Donald Trump's eldest daughter appeared in a chic black outfit, which consisted of a fitted blouse with a basque and a flared skirt. Throughout the room you could see shiny stripes, which visually made Ivanka more slender. To this side, the woman picked up a black belt, the same texture of clutch and sharp-nosed high-heeled shoes with shiny inserts.

Ivanka Trump with children
Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump