Melamine sponge - instructions for use

Cleaning is an important part of homework, especially if there are children at home. And often on furniture and other interior items there are pollution, laundering which becomes a big problem. Traces of a felt pen, pen or permanent marker on the dining table, a dirty kitchen stove, an old bath with stained mud, a painted children's desk ... This list can be continued for a long time, and all this work usually falls on the shoulders of the mistress of the house.

Therefore, the emergence of new cleaning products that facilitate cleaning, always meets "with a bang." To such modern means it is possible to carry a melamine sponge, which application allows to make the process of establishing the cleanliness quick and easy. Let's find out what a melamine sponge is and how to use it properly.

What is a melamine miracle sponge?

Externally, the melamine sponge is very similar to the usual foam rubber sponges for washing dishes, to which we are all accustomed. But in fact, it is made of melamine resin according to a special technology and is essentially a melamine foam with open pores. Thanks to their special interlacing, such a sponge has its "magic" properties to wipe dirt off from anything. Melamine easily laundered even the old spots, which were unable to cope with the usual cleaning agents.

Melamine sponge - the way of application

So, what can be cleaned with a melamine sponge? Yes anything:

A good, high-quality melamine sponge can clean up to 10 sq. M of heavily soiled surface.

Instructions for the use of a melamine sponge states that it is not the entire surface that should be cleaned, but only the corner. It looks like you are erasing something with an eraser. These actions can be carried out with both a dry sponge and a wet sponge. It is better to soak melamine in cold or warm water, but not in hot water. Squeeze the sponge, gently squeezing between the palms, in contrast to the foam sponge, which can be twisted as anything: melamine with careless handling can easily break.

It should be noted that when used correctly, the melamine sponge is gradually erased and accordingly decreases in size, and the worn part remains on the surface to be cleaned in the form of fine crumbs. It should be swept off, and then wipe the clean surface with a slightly damp rag.

If you are going to wash the enameled , chrome or plastic surface, try using a sponge on a small area, preferably on the back of the product. There is always a risk of acquiring the product of an unscrupulous manufacturer: such a sponge can scratch your things.

One can not help but mention the danger of another character, which the miracle sponge conceals in itself. Melamine is non-toxic and does not cause allergic reactions, which is confirmed by scientific research and experiments. However, sponges are made from melamine resin, which when used leaves microparticles. Accidentally getting into the body of a person or a pet, these particles can settle in the kidneys, causing urolithiasis . Therefore, having such a sponge in your arsenal of cleaning products, protect it from children and pets.

For the same reason, it is not recommended to contact melamine sponge with utensils. But you can easily clean such a sponge with the bottom of a sooty pan or frying pan that will not come into contact with food. The sponge will allow you to cope with such work quickly and effortlessly, as opposed to using a conventional dishwasher or abrasive detergent.