Maldives - laws

On the territory of the Maldives and especially in Male strict laws and customs apply, which must be met not only by citizens of the country, but also by guests. When planning a trip to the Maldivian resorts , try to prepare in advance and study the most important aspects of legislation and local traditions in order to avoid unpleasant situations on vacation .

What do you need to know when going on a trip to the Maldives?

Consider the most important rules that you will need to strictly observe while visiting the Maldives:

  1. Alcohol is prohibited. One of the most important rules in force on the territory of the Maldives is the ban on the importation of alcohol into the country and drinking in public places. They are prohibited and sold and used. Resting tourists can drink alcohol only within the resort zones (they are not subject to the dry law) - in hotels , restaurants, bars, etc. Do not try to carry alcohol on the plane, even if it is bought in duty free shops. You will not only fail to do this, but you will face a huge fine, and in the worst case - a prison term.
  2. The only religion is Islam. It is important to know that in the Maldives, one should not openly talk about one's faith (if this is not Islam). This is not only not welcome, but can lead to punishment. With the question of belief in the country, too, everything is very strict. There even operates a rule according to which those who are going to receive the citizenship of the country must necessarily take Islam. If this does not happen, or if there is a change of faith after receiving official documents on citizenship, the status of a citizen of the Maldives will have to be forgiven, the documents will be canceled.
  3. Protection of the environment. To this category are several important rules:
  • Requirements for appearance. In the Maldives, it is forbidden for the fairer sex to wear candid clothes, to swim topless (except for the Kuramathi island only ), to go for swimsuits and short skirts. Men are not allowed to appear with a bare chest. In the capital of the country this rule has even stricter limits, it is necessary to dress here according to Muslim customs: men - trousers and a shirt, women - a blouse and a long skirt. Within the beaches in Male, women are allowed to swim only in t-shirts and shorts.
  • Traditions and culture. On the territory of the country you can not shoot videos in mosques, get acquainted and talk with local residents, drink alcohol outside the resorts and visit the closed islands without special permission.
  • Health and safety. Separately, it is worth mentioning the need to observe safety rules during the holidays:
  • Penalties for violations of laws and regulations

    For some crimes you will face a fine, for example:

    For the importation of alcohol and drugs into the Maldives, hooliganism, killing or export of exotic animals, shells and corals from the country, the offender faces a serious prison term.