Living room modern - what you need to know to design a functional interior?

If you like the combination of elegance and simplicity, functionality and light chic, the living room in the Art Nouveau style is suitable for all parameters. The design of the main living room of the house in this style will bring home cosiness and the feeling that you are keeping pace with the times.

Design of living room in Art Nouveau style

Modern refuses from the characteristic old styles of heavy structures, carvings, dark shades, ornate details and richness of decoration. Therefore, most elements of modern design, from furniture to room shape, include clean straight or smooth lines without additional details.

Minimalism plays an integral role in modern design. The basics of minimalism include the "less - more" approach for space design. This means that the interior of the living room in the Art Nouveau style does not have unnecessary details, such as:

The living room in the Art Nouveau style is dominated by soothing tones:

The walls are light, and the floors are neutral painted, they can be made of wood, cement, cork and even rubber. Rugs and wool carpets correspond to the rule of neutral tone. Color in the living room modern is used in small doses. Along with the basic colors (white and black), often used bright colors for the arranged accents. Wooden and ceramic accessories are very popular.

Art Nouveau wallpapers in the living room interior

The design of the modern living room is first and foremost an open space that can be easily achieved with the help of white. Therefore, it is considered the rule number one in creating an interior in a modern style, paint the walls in white, or cover them with wallpaper of the same color. If you want to "break" the monotony, you can paint one of the walls in a different color - as an alternative to black, or yellow, red, blue - which are considered to be the main ones in the Art Nouveau style.

Currently, designers, creating living rooms in the Art Nouveau style, turn not only to the white color, but also to other light and neutral colors:

The right decision will be to choose wallpaper for these shades. Also perfectly fit in such an interior wallpaper with gold and silver embossing, using fabric or metallic luster. For a basis it is possible to take wallpaper of neutral color, and one of walls to cover with more picturesque wall-paper - with geometrical patterns, imitation of brick or stone masonry.

Curtains in the Art Nouveau style for the living room

Excellent and the most natural lighting in the living room modern - you need to take for the rule. Designers are advised to avoid window curtains altogether, giving preference to huge windows. Not every city dweller can afford it. When choosing modern curtains for the living room, pay attention to the transparent fabrics or to the functional blinds. As for dense curtains, they should be concise - monotonous without ornate patterns.

Chandelier in the living room in the Art Nouveau style

The rule that should be followed when choosing modern chandelier in the living room, this variety and customizability. Gone are the days when there would be enough of a single lamp hanging from the ceiling. Chandelier in the living room in the Art Nouveau style is a combination of simplicity and functionality. Art Nouveau in the interior welcomes the use of lighting at different levels, because the living room modern should be lighted properly. To the chandelier, which can also be "multi-level", you should add other ceiling and wall lamps, and floor lamps.

Artwork for the living room in the Art Nouveau style

The interior of the Art Nouveau room is a striving for austerity and minimalism on the one hand, and inspiration with bold colors of abstract art on the other. To decorate the wall, bright pictures will fit, which will accentuate and give a special character to the living room. To give warmth and homeliness you can use photos of family and friends - this is one of the most popular elements in creating an interior modernist style.

Design of the living room with fireplace in Art Nouveau style

Living room modern can be empty and cold, if you do not carefully think over the details. The palette is dominated by neutral colors - white walls, transparent curtains, modern living room furniture light. In combination with a minimalist approach, something the opposite turns out, which many have come to regard as a home comfort. In order not to meet the feeling that you live in someone else's house, details are needed to impart a character to the interior and create heat. The fireplace as an element of decor is very often used in the Art Nouveau style. What, if not fire, will help create a home?

Interior of kitchen-living room in Art Nouveau style

Not everyone can boast a large footage of a city apartment, often it is necessary to combine functional zones. The most common and convenient option is to combine the kitchen and living room. This facilitates the process of holding celebrations and receiving guests. Kitchen-living room in the Art Nouveau style is made according to the same rules as the living room. The main idea is to create a functional, open and stylish space, giving preference to light tones. Furniture should not overload the room. Kitchen-living room modern loves such interior solution as:

Bedroom-living room in Art Nouveau style

The living room can be combined with the bedroom . Very modern modern living rooms with a zone for night rest are very popular. It is difficult to preserve the airiness of space, when in one room there should be both a living room and a bed for sleeping. Choose a light raised from the floor furniture of the most appropriate size for the room's footage. Zoning of space, which can be done with the help of carpet, curtains, shelving or half-walls, will also help.

Living room furniture in Art Nouveau style

The Art Nouveau style loves long and flat furniture with sleek, raised, narrow legs that give space openness. Furniture for living room modern is often executed in natural materials:

In addition to natural materials, the interior of the living room in this style will perfectly fit:

Sofas in the living room in Art Nouveau style

The Art Nouveau living room is an open space that gives a feeling of airiness. This is achieved not only through a light interior palette, good lighting, but also furniture - it plays one of the leading roles. Furniture lines of modern design are clean and simple, with a minimum number of decorations. Sofas and armchairs are often "raised from the floor", they are not covered with traditional bedspreads - skirts, they float in the air.

Modernist wall for living room

Someone may think that the walls are a relic of the Soviet past, and their use in creating a modern interior is not desirable. In reality, things are quite different, because the walls in the Art Nouveau style for the living room are endless functional:

Thanks to the abundance of glass, glossy surfaces, variety of shapes, such furniture does not create a pressing feeling and does not look cumbersome. A distinctive feature of the wall in the modern lounge is the lack of monolithic: the modules are not simply put on the floor, they are attached to the wall, sometimes mounted in it, and are additionally equipped with lighting.

Table in the living room modern

A table is an integral part of any living room. To choose the right table, you need to decide what it's for. The table in the living room can become the final detail of the interior, or it can be used to the fullest, if it is a room where the family spends a lot of time. Then not only the magazines "come into contact" with the surface of the table, but also machinery, and food, and utensils, and sometimes - legs. In this case it is worth giving preference to more durable materials.

In the living rooms in the modern modern style, transparent materials that do not damage the open image will do. A good find will be a table of:

When choosing the shape of a table, remember:

  1. Rectangular and oval tables are well suited for small rooms.
  2. Square and round are well combined with large furniture - a large sofa and armchairs.
  3. Round and oval tables are safer for children - they do not have sharp corners.
  4. The coffee table should be of the same height as the sofa seat, or lower.

Living Room Showcases Art Nouveau

Glossy living room furniture in the Art Nouveau style is one of the common elements of this interior, as well as the overall use of glass. Do not forget that the modern lounge combines the conciseness of forms, simplicity, airiness and openness of space. Therefore, choosing windows , go past the massive wooden - they do not fit. Choose glass showcases with glossy and wooden elements - they will not "eat" open space.

Living room cupboards modern

In the living room of the Art Nouveau style will find a well-deserved place and such an element of furniture as a wardrobe. It can be part of a wall, or stand alone. Since this design is characterized by light shades, then modern furniture for the living room, including cabinets, is often white. Living room cupboards modern can not stand on the floor, and "soar", it is welcomed.

Suspended, but roomy closet, corresponds to the concept of modern style - a combination of functionality, simplicity and open space. The open floor visually enlarges the room. However, it is possible to stop and on more habitual variant of "floor" case. In this case, it is better to choose furniture of light colors, with a glossy surface, built-in mirrors and the use of natural materials. Wood can act as the main material for the cabinet, and an element of the decor. The interspersing of naturalness is one of the characteristic features of modernity.